Launched last month, Ubuntoo is a first-of-its-kind AI system for environmental practitioners. The platform is already in use by teams at Fortune 500 companies such as The Coca Cola Company, Target, and Subway.  EMISSIONS and plastic packaging were the most searched environmental questions of 2023 on AI platform Ubuntoo, followed by energy, climate, biodiversity, and agriculture.  

 Year 2023 has seen some record-setting spending on clean energy worldwide. Global initiatives taken at major events like COP 28 and G20 have presented some significant milestones towards realising a carbon neutral future by 2050. 

Ubuntoo, a recently launched first-of-its-kind AI platform for environmental practitioners, has revealed that the top environmental searches of 2023 have been the EMISSIONS and plastic packaging.

Co-founder of Ubuntoo, Peter Schelstraete, said:  

It’s encouraging to see such high rankings for emissions and plastic packaging reduction on the Ubuntoo platform.    

Even those who are the most ambitious struggle to achieve the sustainability targets they set. By combining the collective intelligence of AI and practical human insight, we are helping big name companies to find solutions which are both commercially and environmentally sustainable.”

Emissions and plastic packaging dominate searches

The data from Ubuntoo's platform indicated that emissions and plastic packaging emerged as the most searched environmental questions for 2023. Users showed a significant interest in understanding and addressing issues related to carbon emissions and the pervasive problem of plastic packaging.

Following closely behind, energy transition claimed the third spot in the rankings. Users engaged with the platform to explore insights into transitioning to and adopting clean energy systems, showcasing a growing commitment to sustainable energy practices.

Beyond the top three, Ubuntoo users also demonstrated a keen interest in a range of environmental topics. Climate, biodiversity, and agriculture emerged as key areas of concern, emphasizing the diverse spectrum of environmental issues that individuals and organizations are actively exploring.

Ubuntoo's unique approach

Leveraging a curated expert database developed over five years, the platform delivers targeted solutions and intelligence, setting it apart from other large language AI platforms.

Ubuntoo has already gained traction among Fortune 500 companies, including industry giants like The Coca-Cola Company, Target, and Subway. The platform's unique approach to combining AI-driven insights with practical human understanding has attracted attention and engagement from major players seeking environmentally sustainable solutions.

The Clorox Company partnered with Ubuntoo to achieve sustainability targets, such as a 50 percent reduction in virgin plastic and fiber packaging and a 50 percent cut in emissions by 2030. 

Ubuntoo provided actionable solutions, enabling Clorox to make significant strides toward its goal of 100 percent recyclable, reusable, or compostable packaging by 2025.

Sian Sutherland, Co-Founder, A Plastic Planet & PlasticFree:   

"It should come no surprise that plastic tops the searches for 2023. Plastic is as much a climate and a health issue as it is a waste issue.   

 With the UN Global Plastic Treaty currently being negotiated, now more than ever we need rapid access to high quality knowledge and solutions. It is only through collective action, real investment and shared information that we will be able to shift to a truly circular economy. And plastic, however hard we try, is not going to fit into that circle.”