Now that the days are shorter and the light is fading for the winter season, office workers are much more likely to be using a lot of energy for their day to day life. There’s the radiators you have in the office, the water used to make hot cups of tea, and the lights used to keep the office bright…. all of these things cost and can cost a LOT. Here are some quick saving tips to help you save money at this time of the year.

Provide blankets

There is nothing worse than trying to type at your desk when you are freezing cold, and being cold can have an affect on the way you are able to work and the way that you feel in work. Therefore the natural thing to do is crank the heating up by a country mile to make up for this. However, a good thing you can do to save money on energy is to buy some cheap blankets and some fingerless gloves for your workers. They can wear these at their desk and it can make a massive difference to morale and productivity in the workplace.

Have energy saving lights fitted

A great thing to do for the good of the office and to save a huge amount of money each year is to ask a company such as Analogue Electrics to fit a set of energy saving lights and electrics to your office. Energy saving bulbs can make a huge difference to the electricity you use each day and it can save you a ton a of money throughout the year.

Use motion sensing lights

For an extra layer of energy saving this year, a great idea for areas in the office which are not used all of the time are motion sensing lights. For example you can have them in the corridors to light up when someone walks through, in the bathroom when someone visits, and in the kitchen too. These lights will stay on for 5-10 minutes before automatically switching off when they can no longer sense any movement.

Turn off computers

Computers are the most costly appliance you will have in an office and they use a lot of energy every day as people are working on them for hours and hours on end. It is important to think about turning off your computers at the end of every night instead of simply locking the computer. If you don’t turn off the device it will be using energy all night and all weekend in some cases and this uses A LOT of energy.

Use less paper

Paper is a big thing when it comes to an office but these days, do you really need 10 copies of that document when you can retrieve it from any device? Paper isn’t as essential as it used to be and you can save money by simply choosing not to print something off when you don’t need to. Why print when you can scan and save?

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