Get ready for the new fashion industry revolution. A revolution that leaves no one behind and it is fair and sustainable for everyone involved in it. Besides, it is all about accessibility. Those are the three pillars Samanta Bullock has based her brand new collection from. A new collection that promises to not forget those that are usually forgotten by the industry.

The collection will be presented on Saturday, on 15th June, from 7:00 p.m., at the unique landmark building Bradmore House in Hammersmith, London. The emblematic place 

will host the launch party of the innovative, inclusive and sustainable brand,

Samanta Bullock.

A lavish night with a

catwalk show, live music, drinks, goodie bags and lots of fun

is waiting for you. The first collection of Samanta Bullock, developed in partnership with emerging international designers, will be shown first on the spot.

"It's an unprecedented collection

, fully adapted for both sitting and standing positions. It's for everyone, including wheelchair users", says the entrepreneur Samanta Bullock, professional model, athlete and inclusion activist.

How it all began

Being a wheelchair model from an early age, Samanta Bullock has always felt frustrated by the lack of high-quality clothes available in the market for people with physical disabilities.

After a few years of fighting for inclusion in the fashion industry, Samanta began to question herself: "What is the use of having more disabled models on the catwalks, if there are no clothes made for these consumers?"

Samanta then decided to join forces with innovative designers and to develop her own brand, tailored to her own needs, such as more practical zippers, waist-high trousers, cropped jackets with vegan leather details on the sleeves to prevent to dirt them on the wheels of the chair, sustainable jewellery inspired in the force of transformation of nature, body creams specially developed to help activate the circulation of the legs, among other novelties.


the slow fashion movement

, Samanta explains that the philosophy of the brand is to prioritize quality over quantity. Launching two collections a year, the men's line will be added next year, by 2020. "It's better to invest in stylish, high-quality and comfortable pieces than buying clothes that just last a few washes, and do not fit well on the body".

"It's an unprecedented collection, fully adapted for both sitting and standing positions. It's for everyone, including wheelchair users", says the entrepreneur Samanta Bullock


Unfortunately, the lack of choice of clothing adapted to the physically disabled has been a harsh reality faced by potential consumers until nowadays.

While the main players in the fashion industry struggle to call attention to the customers distracted among so many options available in the market,

20% of the world's population, with a spending power of US$ 1 trillion, go completely unnoticed

and ignored right under the noses of the large corporations.

It is the international market for people with physical disabilities.

In the United Kingdom, the term "Purple Pound" refers to the spending power of the 13.3 million people with disabilities in the country,

with a potential consumption of £ 249 billion per year!


According to a recent survey by the 'We are Purple' organization in the UK, companies lose approximately

£ 2 billion a month

, ignoring the needs of people with disabilities. Physical stores no longer make

£ 267 million a month

because they are not physically accessible. And 75% of people with disabilities have already had to leave an establishment due to lack of accessibility and care,

It is also expected that the first collection of Samanta Bullock will be available online starting from that presentation.