Duncan McKay is a highly experienced marketer with over 15 years of experience in launching and commercializing new products for major consumer goods companies. He has a successful track record of creating and launching innovative products in the UK and Europe, and has demonstrated his ability to develop partnerships and execute effective go-to-market strategies. 

He is now Founder & CEO of Aistetic, an Oxford University spinout that aims to revolutionize the fashion industry by offering 3D body models generated from mobile devices to reduce clothing waste and promote sustainability.

Duncan has also held senior positions at PepsiCo, where he launched a new brand and business that helped turnaround the Tropicana brand, and was responsible for the Quaker Oats brand in the UK. 

Duncan McKay Interview Topics

1. Could you please start by telling us a little bit about your background?

2. What inspired you to create Aistetic and How do the next-gen 3D body models from mobile devices work?

3. How can next-gen 3D body models from mobile devices reduce clothing waste?

4. How accurate are the next-gen 3D body models from mobile devices in capturing body measurements?

5. Can next-gen 3D body models from mobile devices be used for personalized clothing recommendations?

6. What makes Aistetic's next-gen 3D body modelling platform accurate and different from other similar platforms available in the market?

7. How can digital healthcare providers utilize Aistetic's next-gen 3D body modelling platform?

8. Can Aistetic's platform be integrated with existing online retail and e-commerce platforms?

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Duncan McKary Biography

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Duncan McKay, Founder & CEO of Aistetic, an Oxford University spinout

Duncan McKay is an accomplished marketing professional with an extensive history in major consumer goods corporations. Duncan has spent over 15 years working with top consumer goods companies such as L’Oreal, Unilever, and PepsiCo. His experience has allowed him to develop a wide range of skills, including cross-functional team leadership, strategic partnership development, and effective go-to-market execution.

With an undergraduate degree in Economics and Politics from the University of Bristol and an MBA from INSEAD, Duncan has consistently demonstrated his ability to create and launch innovative products successfully in the UK and Europe. While working at Pepsico, he was responsible for launching a new brand and business that helped turnaround the Tropicana brand. Duncan succeeded in delivering £18M in sales within 12 months, with 10% household penetration, and the project was margin accretive to the business in the UK. This innovation was recognized with the prestigious PepsiCo Chairman’s Award and was Product of the Year in 2014. 

Besides bringing innovation to market, he has also effectively created partnerships to execute go-to-market strategies. Duncan partnered the Flora margarine brand with Microsoft Xbox Kinect, delivering an incremental £1.5m in sales. He has also led and been responsible for the Quaker Oats brand in the UK, developing an innovative partnership with partner charity Magic Breakfast and recruiting an ambassador, the Ballerina Darcy Bussell. This partnership, along with launching innovation (Heaps of Fruit) and creating thermo-activated digital, social, and TV media, drove sales in the critical winter season and delivered the fastest growth of any cereal brand in the UK.

Most recently, he held the position of Head of ECommerce Europe within the Pepsi Lipton Business Unit. During this time, Duncan was incharge of driving the business unit's eCommerce strategy and execution across multiple European markets. His leadership and expertise allowed the team to deliver strong results and drive growth in this critical channel.

As the current CEO of Aistetic, an Oxford University spinout, He leads the company  mission to revolutionize the fashion industry. Aistetic offers cutting-edge 3D body models generated from mobile devices, helping to reduce clothing waste and promote sustainability within the industry. At Aistetic, Duncan believes that there is a better way to approach the fashion industry, one that involves less hassle and happier shoppers, while also making a significant impact on the environment.

Read Duncan McKay’s full biography on https://www.openbusinesscouncil.org/wiki/duncan-mckay

Read Aistetic’s full profile on https://www.openbusinesscouncil.org/wiki/aistetic 

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