From Zombie fitness trainers, dog masseuses to escape room companies, all these strange ideas share something in common, they are ideas that have started through the PopUp Business School. The company, in fact, assures that has educated over 4000 people in six different countries through free training events and helped launch 680 businesses in 2018 alone. 


“We 'Pop up' and help whoever comes along to start their business. We've met some weird, wonderful and wacky people,” says Simon Paine, co-founder and CEO of the PopUp Business School.


"There are so many different types of business out there and, well, some are really out there. Probably the most memorable was the zombie fitness trainer who would dress up like it was the apocalypse and then chase here clients around the park. I mean you would run, wouldn't you?


"But there are so many others from dog masseuses, escape room companies and all of your more normal businesses like cake makers, gardeners and hairdressers. We've had the long-term unemployed and people who are still learning English and we've shown them how to start a business with hardly any money and no debt."

According to Paine and his co-founder, Alan Donegan, the ability to connect with like-minded individuals online means super-niche businesses are now more effective than ever. He says the super-niche market can provide a good income for passionate self-starters.

“It's easier now than ever before to reach a niche target market,” adds Alan Donegan, co-founder of the PopUp Business School.

"We regularly see people with ideas that sound bonkers when you first hear them. We've helped a lot of strange people start strange businesses. But sometimes, strange ideas can capture the imagination and bring excitement and joy to a new business idea – and that enthusiasm is infectious.


"Even with a very niche business idea, modern tools like social media platforms make it possible to reach precisely the group of people who will be just as excited as you are about your business idea. Find those first followers and word can spread - fast."

Donegan adds that creativity is key for starting a new business, and getting the first sales early can be a great motivator. Meanwhile, business plans and loans can be an unnecessary distraction, with debt being a potential disaster.

"You don't need to write a business plan and you definitely don't need to take a loan. You don't really need much money you just need to be a bit creative. We've tested out countless business ideas and we've always found a way to start them up with a small budget."

PopUp Business School is running a free event in Westminster, London, to help people from all backgrounds start businesses and make money doing what they love. The two-week course begins Monday July 8th.