Having a good online presence is vital these days- even if your business isn’t all conducted online. Whether you’re a local florist, an online clothes boutique or sell cloud based storage to businesses- you absolutely have to make a good impression online. When people are looking for companies like yours, they will be doing so by looking on the internet, and you need to grab their interest and set yourself apart from your competitors. But how exactly can you improve your online presence? Here are three examples.

A Great Website

It goes without saying, a good company website is crucial and is paramount for the success of your business. Is yours up to scratch, and performing as well as it should be? It should look smart and professional, not cluttered with ads or look spammy. It should be intuitive and easy for visitors to find exactly what they are looking for. On top of this, it should be free of errors and quick to load. Find a professional like Ignite Digital web development company who is able to build you a website which works for you and your business. Get this part wrong and it could mean failure for your entire venture.

An Engaging Blog

Writing a business blog is a highly beneficial thing you can do for your company. This is because blog posts encourage social shares, which is essentially free advertising. Every piece of content you produce and put out there gives another way for your blog to be found in organic search. Because websites are generally quite static, they don't attract too much attention from search engines crawlers. Producing regular blog posts on the other hand gives you more indexed pages to be crawled and can boost your rank in search engines. And of course, the closer your business ranks to the top of searches, the more sales and profits you’re likely to make. It’s free, and a straightforward technique for promoting your business. Either create the content yourself, or you could work with a freelance writer online who will know the exact style and presentation that people want from blogs.


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A Responsive App

Your website should of course be properly optimised for all devices- especially now more sales are made on phones and tablets than laptops and computers. However, you could take it a step further by having an app created . This is a way to get your business onto the phones of your customers and potential customers and means that all of your information, products and contact details are accessible at the click of a button. It's another way you can look trustworthy and legitimate which is what customers want from a business, especially a newer or smaller business that they haven't shopped with before. You will most likely need to invest in the services of an app designer, so research companies and services to find one that's right for you.


Image source PexelsImage source Pexels