In a digital-first world, businesses and remote workers must recognise the imperative to evolve with technology. ChatGPT and Generative AI are changing the current working landscape for businesses, freelancers and remote workers. Embracing the latest advancements opens up new avenues for growth, efficiency, and collaboration. 

That is what Michael Figueroa, Senior Director of Strategy and Information Security, told Dinis Guarda in a recent interview. For the security expert, the key to success lies in embracing technology as a catalyst for positive change and continuously adapting to the evolving digital landscape.

"It is an interesting time when we are facing major disruptive events. The core theme is to move quickly. We know the market is going to turn, it always does. It's just a matter of rebase-lining and figuring out the pathways of the future. 

Networks like Toptal are helping businesses adapt to these shifts in the most nimble and agile fashion so that they can focus on the solutions that they have established for themselves.  Companies that realise these tools are going to help them are the ones that are going to be successful", Michael Figueroa, Senior Director of Strategy and Information Security Services at Toptal.

With disruptive technologies generating significant buzz, major corporations and brands worldwide are finally recognising the path to embracing the tech revolution. The emergence of transformative technologies has the potential to drive global economic transformations and disruptions. Companies that embrace this revolution, will find the necessary edge over their competitors in the years to come.

While disruptive technologies offer numerous opportunities, the changing nature of work is also driving the rise of freelance and remote work. Through platforms like Toptal, global remote professionals can find easy access to world-class clients, advanced collaboration tools, automation, continuous learning, and effective marketing strategies to enhance their productivity, expand their skill sets, and find success in the digital economy. 

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Find out how businesses are leveraging Generative AI and Large Language Models:

Leveraging the expertise: How businesses and remote workers thrive in disruptive tech

The evolution of generative AI and large language models has revolutionised the way we interact with technology and process information. These technologies have demonstrated remarkable capabilities in natural language understanding, content generation, and data analysis. 

“If we talk about the experience in large language models and Generative AI, it didn’t exist earlier in the way that it exists today. The models that we use now: all stem from the research that’s decade’s old”, says Michael.

The pioneers in this space have been instrumental in developing and refining these models, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. “We’ve had people working in this space for a long time. We just happen to hit that one disruptive moment in time when it comes to Generative AI. 

We know that there are so many professionals around the world who have been working in the prompt space for a long time. Those people are already getting leveraged through the Toptal platform”, he adds.

How Businesses And Remote Workers Cope With Tech And Generative AI Insights from Michael Figueroa, Toptal's Senior Director of Strategy, Information Security Services 1.png
ChatGPT and Generative AI are changing the current working landscape for businesses, freelancers and remote workers

Experience is going to be a part of the overall exploration process

Experience is a vital component in leveraging the true potential of generative AI and large language models. As these technologies continue to evolve, it is the collective knowledge, expertise, and dedication of experienced practitioners that drive their success. 

"There is going to be a huge focus on those experts who understand this disruptive technology. But we also need to recognise that experience is going to be organic as we start learning how to use it.” 

As thought leaders and innovators, these individuals and businesses possess a wealth of knowledge and insights into the inner workings of generative AI and large language models. They understand the nuances, limitations, and potential applications of these technologies, making them valuable resources for those seeking to leverage their capabilities. Their expertise can guide others in navigating the complexities and challenges associated with adopting and implementing generative AI and large language models.

As organisations start embracing the tech revolution, there is a common understanding that experience is not a static attribute. It is a dynamic quality that develops over time. 

“The companies which recognize that experience is going to be a part of an overall exploration and will develop over time, will be the most successful. These companies look for the key backgrounds of people who are going to be best able to gain that experience. So, they can accelerate beyond others and advance on their journey to make an impact.

Networks like Toptal are helping businesses adapt to these shifts in the most nimble and agile fashion so that they can focus on the solutions they were established for."

Shaping the future of our relationship with emerging technology

As we stand on the threshold of an uncertain future with technology, one thing is certain: we have the power to shape our relationship with it. By adopting a mindset of curiosity, adaptability, and continuous learning, we can unlock the endless possibilities that technology offers. 

Whether it's leveraging advanced AI systems, exploring virtual and augmented reality experiences, or harnessing the potential of automation and robotics, our willingness to embrace technology can lead us to new horizons of innovation, creativity, and personal growth.




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