America is a vast territory that people dream of visiting at least once in their life. Nowadays, it is in demand by both tourists and residents who can apply for an American passport by obtaining a golden permit. The country with the star-spangled flag is remarkable for its multinational population. Just imagine it is about 25 national languages. People from different countries study, work, rest, find a common language, make friends, cooperate, and even marry. But that's not the only thing that attracts people to relocation to one of the states…

The government spends 20% of the budget on education annually to ensure people's prosperity and children from kindergarten know what colleges and schools are for. In addition, according to Elena Ruda (Immigrant Invest agency), there is a place for businesses to expand and create jobs. Although at first, you may be surprised by many things, such as Tacos and Salsa in restaurants, tax-free prices in stores, huge tips in cafes, etc. But you quickly get used to it and the fact that there are bicycle parking lots and wheelchair spaces everywhere. After all, it is normal to take care of people with special needs. If you want to move and obtain EB-5 visa in the US, read our detailed guide.


Overview of EB-5 Visa in the US

This cherished document gives you the right to travel all over the states and benefit from education and quality medical services. In addition, you can work in a team and cooperate with international companies through a multinational population and unique government opportunities. The American authorities issue the US EB-5 Visa for two years, but you should contact your nation's embassy beforehand. 

Hiring a lawyer for all the complicated issues related to collecting documents, signatures and sending and filing visa applications is better. Applicants must invest their funds in the development of those regions approved by USCIS and create at least ten jobs at their purchased enterprise or personal startup.


Benefits of obtaining US EB-5 Visa

So, what does the coveted pass provide? First, you are eligible to move freely, travel, use all the services that natives do, earn money, and have a good rest. Secondly, you will find changes in your perception of life and attitude. Even though Americans love fast food and every second person has worked at McDonald's, people go for a run or ride a bike every morning instead of lunch. Sports come first, and so does the learning process!

The benefits to get a green card are the following: 

• improved quality of life;
• obtaining a second passport after a few years;
• free entry and exit;
• unrestricted travel throughout the nine Powers;
• access to health care;
• return of deposits, with a reasonable approach;
• international education and much more.

With such a rich list of US EB-5 Visa benefits, everyone will find something to enjoy. In addition, the opportunity to bring your spouse, children, and other dependents with you promotes cohesion and solving the problem quickly. By the way, the application processing time is about 13 months, so if you want to move, hurry up and start the application process today.


Eligibility Criteria for the EB-5 Visa

It is necessary to invest in commercial real estate, and only that built after the 90s. Further, you must prove that you purchased it (documented). The investment must be at least 800 thousand dollars. Another of the US EB-5 visa requirements from you is filing tax returns and other evidence that your actions are legally valid and the capital is lawfully obtained. You must also submit a business plan, for example, or other proof that you have jobs in your enterprise. 


US EB-5 Visa Application Process

Once the investment has been paid, the application process looks like this:

• making a Form I-526 application and filing it online;
• reviewing it at the national center;
• approval or rejection of the document by the NVC, and if it is approved, payment of processing fees;
• interview at the state embassy.

If currently residing in one of the states, the applicant must file a Request for Status Change (Form I-485) at USCIS instead of applying at the embassy. 


Post-Approval: Moving to the United States

A green card for investors and their families who have invested significant money in the states' economy and created jobs guarantees relocation and all rights and benefits. The investor must file Form I-829 to remove the conditionality and obtain a permanent pass 90 days before the conditional card expires.

After immigration abroad, the investor and his family receive permanent residency status and can live and work in the territory. They must also pay taxes on income earned in America that is remitted outside the country. After residing for five years, the foreigner can apply for citizenship.


Final thoughts

So, moving under this permit requires significant financial resources and qualifications but provides an opportunity to obtain the status of a permanent resident of the United States and, eventually, citizenship. However, the specifics of the process may change over time, so it is recommended to contact a lawyer specializing in immigration for up-to-date information and consultation.