Seasoned marketing executives James Soames and Mark Notton unveil all the features of NickWatch, the brand new connected tracking device and smartwatch for kids, in the latest episode of Citiesabc YouTube Podcast, powered by and Dinis Guarda YouTube channel. Hosted by Hilton Supra, the episode explores the multiple ways in which technology can empower parents and caregivers in ensuring the digital safety of their children while providing them with off-screen entertainment. 

As the world turned digital with the advent of this century, technology became an integral part of our lives, shaping how we learn, play, and connect. With the present generation of kids being born amongst the ubiquitous presence of smartphones, tablets, and computers around them, it becomes increasingly crucial for parents and caregivers to provide them with a constructive and safe technological environment. Striking the right balance between leveraging technology's educational potential and excessive screen time could be a daunting task in itself.

NickWatch is a kids' smartwatch that offers several in-built games, featuring popular characters from Nickelodeon TV shows, including Spongebob Squarepants, Teenage Mutant, and Ninja Turtles. The smartwatch, developed in collaboration with WatchinU, Beta Builders, and Paramount Nickelodeon, has unique features like GPS tracking and the ability to call and message a closed network of caregivers. It is further supplemented with a parental control app, Trackimo, that enables parents or the immediate caregivers of the child to create a safe zone for kids that is tech enabled and keeps children engaged off-screen.

"So, you've got the reassurance of Paramount, its iconic characters, the software know-how of Beta, and the robust resilience of GPS tracking, and the companion app of Trackimo, all in one package", said Mark Notton, explaining the key benefits of the smartwatch.

Screen Time Management: Ensuring good digital health amongst children

Excessive screen time can have detrimental effects on a child's physical and mental well-being. Screen time management for kids is a vital aspect of modern parenting, aimed at finding the right equilibrium between digital engagement and other important activities. 

Fortunately, technology itself offers solutions to this dilemma. Parental control app in NickWatch enable parents and caregivers to monitor and limit screen time, ensuring that children have ample time for off-screen engagements.

Demonstrating a live activity for the podcast audience, James played 'Patrick says' on the smartwatch and engaged into an entertaining activity. He said:

"It (NickWatch) compliments the busy lifestyle of parents and the multiple roles they play. It keeps the child entertained, energised, and active as opposed to plonking in front of the television. Moreover, the product also enhances the imaginative abilities of the child by engaging them into better experiences: all this while keeping them off-the-screen."

Secure Digital Spaces: Prioritising digital safety

The internet can be an expansive and intricate world that poses potential risks to young users due to its complexity and lack of safety guarantees. This complexity can make navigating the online environment challenging, especially for young users who might not fully comprehend its nuances.

Mark told Hilton that by giving the control in the hands of parents and caregivers, NickWatch provides a secured and safe zone for kids to be able to connect with their sphere of comfort. He also explained that besides making the hardware safe for the children, the software of the smartwatch was architected and tested multiple times.

"We are making sure that you are going through the most robust accelerated life testing and ensuring all the industry standards for a best quality product", he said.

Empowering parents: The key to a balanced digital future

In the dynamic landscape of technology, the role of parents and caregivers in shaping a child's digital journey is irreplaceable. With the right tools, knowledge, and intentions, they can harness technology's potential to inspire learning, creativity, and connection while safeguarding their child's well-being and fostering a healthy relationship with the digital world.

"It's basic human nature to want to protect your children. In today's age you just don't have the physical element to protect, there's psychological, as well as digital dimension too. There are so many ways that a child can be influenced when you are not with them. 

We are not going to solve the world's problems with this watch. But, what we do give is a really robust and considered executive of something which is fun for the child, peace of mind for the caregiver, and at a really affordable price", concluded Mark.