• A luxury penthouse in Miami was sold at $22.5 million using cryptocurrency. This is not the first-ever digital real estate transaction. However, it’s definitely the biggest to date.


• Luxury hotels like Sri Panwa Phuket, the Pavilions Hotels & Resorts, Chedi Andermatt, and more accept cryptocurrency as a mode of payment.


Journeying The Crypto Space For A Hassle-free Tourism And Real Estate Business With LynKey And this goes on and on... Do you know what that means? The crypto bandwagon is like a classic romantic drama wherein the lead (a crypto-geek) is in deep true love with its interest (cryptocurrency or possible investments). And then, there is a villain (one who opposes crypto and thinks it’s not safe), because of whom this love affair faces a lot of resistance. But, love always prevails in the end, and the couple (the crypto-geek and its investments) lives happily ever after. Currently, over 50% of the global luxury market and 58% of the crypto investor community comprises millennials. Now, since GenZ is so much interested in the crypto sphere, this is going to redefine our future as it evolves with altering needs and global conditions. Why not, then, take a dive into the technology that promises a better and revolutionary tomorrow? The blockchain is accelerating towards an evolved version. Luxury tourism and real estate are the latest players in this realm where technological advancements are redesigning the entire infrastructure. Platforms like LynKey are tokenising the travel and property industry. With the growing number of participants, these platforms are increasingly becoming more influential. They aim to realise the luxurious travelling desires of every stakeholder (irrespective of their financial status) with highly personalised experiences and exclusive services. Still on the fence? Here are some more reasons why the future of tourism and real estate is blockchain and crypto:- 

It’s Transparent and Secure.

Every transaction conducted through blockchain is recorded on the network. And here’s the best part - these records are unalterable. So no matter what, nothing and no one can modify the transaction under any circumstance. This makes it more transparent and secure than any conventional mode of transaction. Moreover, only those parties that are involved in the transaction process have access to the records. This means no unauthorized access!

 • It’s Seamless and Efficient.

A digital payment makes it easier to pay for travel, flight tickets, transportation, resort bookings, leisure activities, and more. And not just that, by leveraging blockchain and paying via crypto, you can avoid hefty bank charges, ATM fees, currency conversion charges, and safeguard against monetary theft while travelling. What’s more? It’s a fantastic alternative to credit cards!


Blockchain, Real-Estate, and Tourism - The Three Musketeers of a Seamless Holiday Experience


Blockchain empowers platforms like LynKey to facilitate digital transactions for all its services and products. It enables tokenisation of physical assets such as resorts, buildings, bungalows, and esoteric assets like exclusive experiences in the form of NFTs. Now, with the rise in popularity of the Metaverse, blockchain technology is proving hugely instrumental in digitalising popular travel destinations for various activities like virtual tours and exclusive events. The Possibilities are Endless. This is why several major players in the luxury tourism and real estate industry, like the Everland Group and Crystal Holidays, are jumping overboard on the crypto bandwagon.


LynKey- Harnessing the potential with blockchain for travel and real estate


LynKey, the blockchain-powered technology-centred global ecosystem, is working with such players to kickstart high-quality development projects - luxury resorts, travel services, and many more. Initially, the project aims to bring in real estate assets to the project with a road map of up to $8 billion. In addition, LynKey also aims to offer valuable services, facilitating tourist destinations to steer towards smart-city governance and smart tourism. These are packed with world-class amenities, thriving economies, ancillary services, good public transport, and more. LynKey’s utility token, LYNK, ensures a secured and convenient way of making payments on the blockchain. And these can be redeemed seamlessly once you arrive at your destination, resulting in a frictionless travel experience. The customised and innovative solutions offered by LynKey facilitate an improvised (digitalised) method of culminating property transactions, sealed securely with smart contracts. So whether you are planning a resort holiday, upgrading a business trip, or purchasing a timeshare, LynKey will digitise it, secure it, and make it hassle-free all in one fell swoop. That’s what makes LynKey stand apart from the crowd. Enter the Future and Envision it with LynKey Cryptocurrency has forever changed the face of the financial market. LynKey aims to do the same to the tourism and real-estate landscape. By enhancing the tourism experience and providing access to transactions in international property, LynKey aims to decentralise the entire network, improve efficiency through smart contracts, and make it more transparent.

“A world where tracing transactions will no longer be a challenge. 


A world where every digital transaction will be secure.


And a world where travelling and purchasing property will be transparent, seamless, and efficient.”

This is what LynKey offers. So what are you waiting for? Hop onto the LynKey bandwagon and make your way to hassle-free travel and real estate.