Everyone in control of a business is looking for the hot new method of gaining success. As a result, they read the current social climate, the stocks, business cases, marketing results and also internal information collated as a result of trial and error. Business leaders adopt a wide array of tactics to do this, and it’s all in the pursuit of a better return on their investments. Depending on which business is run, and how the revenue acquisition model works, you may be used to receiving your profit in a variable timeline. However, despite the minutiae of success from business to business being variable, commonalities exist regarding short and

long-term profitability

. All businesses must conform to similar hierarchies and structures of operation. For this reason, common internal processes can be likened between firms. The secret all successful firms employ? Keeping things simple. We’re here to explain what is meant by this, and how to implement that in your own brand.

Clear Mission Statements

All businesses differ in their goals, pursuits and expected revenues. Still, in order to appeal to a mass market or a mass amount of people within a niche market, a mission statement must be defined. This allows a consumer, customer or client to understand the reason for your business to exist within a matter of moments. It should be sharp, punchy, and most of all memorable. It should be no longer than two to three sentences long. It should be displayed prominently on your homepage, in your offices, and in any advertising you do. Some firms choose to boil this concept down to a slogan. For example, if you are providing healthy fast food, your mission statement could be ‘Providing sustainable, healthy and guilt-free food good for both your conscience and lunchtime budget.’ This sentence details the unique selling point, the product, and also two separate bonuses from using your brand. It’s important your staff memorize this, and that your customers do to. This will enable your purpose to be an ever-present reality, something no one thinking of interfacing with your firm can miss. When they know your mission statement, they feel comfortable and engaged with your product through a sense of product familiarity, which often turns into brand loyalty.


Many firms take the possibility of an

online presence

excitedly. As they design their website, they implement many different features, flash player modules, complex graphic design and plenty of utility. This is great, and a business investing all into their brand through creative design and effort is a wonder to behold. However, do you truly need all of that to be successful? If you’re a smaller firm looking for relevance, we’d argue not. Your website should only really need the following things - information about your firm, a platform to purchase products or book services, and a place to contact support or learn your retail locations. With those three implements, a consumer is likely to find what they’re looking for within a short amount of time. For example, hosting your store on the front page will prevent your visitor from digging through the pages they need to purchase the object of their interest. The best websites serve as a great distribution and acquisition channel, and are integrated marketing powerhouses. Using simple end to end ecommerce solutions can help you completely overhaul your online customer experience, to the point where that becomes the de facto place to do business. Online only business is surely a great way to lessen overheads, particularly if you’re offering a subscription model or products that aren’t necessarily purchased yet presented in a store.

Cohesive Design

Many business owners to be dream about the

logo and brand design

they will use. It’s important to always keep it simple, despite your creative ambitions. A select few primary or tertiary colors can be selected to theme your brand, but ideally no more. Simplicity always catches the eye from a graphic design perspective. The minimal movie posters and logos you see celebrated are that way for a reason. Immediately identifiable images help your presence grow, because it is easier to commit those to memory. The goal should be that your art design should be simple enough for a child to remember. Many children would recollect the golden McDonald’s ‘M’, and this is where you want to be. Even without a demographic such as this,  branding always works when it’s at its simplest. With these tips, your business should use simplicity to its complete benefit.