Recognition is key in the business world. Without any form of recognisable trait within your business, it’s extremely unlikely that you will gain many new customers that are outside of your business location radius. However, it’s also extremely easy to make it so that your business has not just one recognisable feat, but many. Take a look at these ideas on how to make your business more recognisable so that you can further grow your reach and your business at the same time.


Use catchy advertising


You’ve probably caught yourself humming a tune to an advert that you’ve heard a thousand times before. It’s also very likely that when it comes to you needing the service of that advert, that you will consider using that company. Consider coming up with some catchy adverts for TV and radio so that consumers will think of you the next time they need your service.


Define your logo


One thing that all businesses need is a logo. Without a logo, people will find it hard to recognise you because of so many similar business names and trades. You can use an online logo maker to define your logo. At any and every given chance, place your logo into things like emails, letters, newspapers and social media.


Decide on a slogan or phrase


Much alike having a catchy tune for your business, you could come up with a phrase that defines your business and is easily recognisable. Think about brands like Nike and ‘Just Do It’, McDonalds and ‘I’m Lovin It’ and KFC with ‘Finger Lickin Good’. They’ve all got easy to remember slogans that people can very much relate to. Come up with something that’s relevant to your brand and pop that on everything alongside your logo.


Sponsor something people care about


Another way of having your business recognised is by sponsoring something that people care about. So, if you were to say, sponsor a football team and their shirt, every time they play a match, your name and logo would be on display to millions at a time. Definitely worth the investment. Alternatively, you could choose to sponsor a charity and donate a certain percentage of all sales to that charity and again, every time an advert for that charity pops up, your name will appear too making your company very recognisable.


Write a relevant blog to help people


A really effective way of reaching out to people is by blogging. Bloggers write articles to help people achieve something they haven’t before, or to give them information that they’ve been looking for. Create a relevant blog to share with your fans so that you can show you’re more than just a corporate business.


Use social media to your advantage


Finally, social media is a very powerful tool when it comes to gaining recognition for your business. As you’re probably aware, social media can make people and businesses go viral in a matter of minutes. Make sure you’re posting regularly with relevant and useful content for your fans. Run competitions to encourage shares so that you can reach even further and implant your business name into people’s heads.