In the past, to a large degree, businesses depended on the human element to sell their businesses. Even when they were using radio and Tv ads or billboards to sell stuff they were doing so in a way that showcased humanity in all its forms and appealed to the more tactile human experience. These days, marketing is much more digital. It’s all about pushing ads and promoting links, and although both of those things can be very effective, they do tend to take the humanity out of the process a bit. The thing is, we are humans and adding as many human elements to your marketing strategy as possible can be very beneficial. It helps you to stand out and make a stringer connection with your customers. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to retain lots of human elements when you’re marketing digitally. Here are a few things you can do:


Have a Good Customer Service Team


You might think that customer service teams are there for solving problems, not marketing your company but if you have a good team, they will do both. A prime example of this is, who’s staff are so well-trained and attentive to the customers’ needs that they garner lots of amazing reviews. These reviews are about the best kind of marketing you can get. I mean who doesn’t look at a company’s reviews before they buy from them the first time these days?


Forget the Interruptions


One thing that we humans hate is being interrupted when we’re in the middle of something, So, if you're still using pop-ups, even if you think they’re quite discrete they are probably going to miss the mark and annoy your target rather than convert her. At least when commercials appear on TV, they do so at expected intervals! So, when you’re planning your digital ad marketing strategy, keep the average human in mind and make your ads as unobtrusive as possible. Ideally, you should work to earn the audience’s attention by creating a piece of writing or video that’s worth watching with an ad at the end (or some other place that it won’t annoy) if you want to win them over.


Speak Directly to and Build a Relationship with the Customer


Instead of being all sell, sell, sell and instead of using jargon that the average reader won’t understand, aim to create content that is both useful and which speaks directly to the customer on a level playing field. Not only that, but make an effort to answer questions and get involved in social media discussions, so that they can see you’re just a regular person like they are, and so you can build trust.


Make Contact easy


It’s amazing how many business websites make it difficult for the average customer to contact them, making them jump through so many hoops before they can do so. If you want to annoy your customer and send them elsewhere, that’s the strategy for you, However, if you want to win them over, offer as many fast contact options, including and Facebook, as possible, and put them front and center. This will make a world of difference to your customers’ experience. Keep the human element, and you’ll earn trust, make more sales and boost your reputation - it really is that simple.