Blogging is neither new nor old. As a hobby, it’s got two decades under its best. And perhaps around about one on the career or business side of things. However, the whole idea of blogging or owning a blog can be pretty basic and brand new to a lot of people. Yet, it’s ever so intriguing. When you love to write or you’re passionate about a particular topic, the idea of writing about it as a job is endlessly appealing. Yet, it’s a fast-paced world and it can take a lot to survive in. So, if you want to be able to make this work, you need an edge. And you need to stand out. Because things are forever changing. And you need to make sure that you can adapt and grow and beat out the way the market grow. So, let’s find out what it will take to stand the test of time, what blogging might become, and whether or not it’s the pastime or career choice for you.


An Idea


First of all, you need an idea. And not something that’s been done a thousand times before. You need to be new and different and interesting. Whether you’re talking about technology or sustainability or fashion or food, you need to give things a new edge. Really get to know your idea. Be passionate about it. Do things different. Because if you have a unique gem of an idea, you’ll stand out for the right reasons.


Be Professional


Next, you need a setup. Don’t just go from coffee shop to coffee shop. Well, you can at first. But you need a setup. Take this seriously. Find an office and fill it with a basic business setup including everything from the printer ink cartridges to a desk chair. And treat this like a business. Because you’ll have more chance at standing out.


Ever-Growing Skills


And grow. Be willing to change and become better. Learn more. Read more. Pick up the skills you need to do more. Because if you’re always willing to grow, then you’re going to stand the best chance at surviving in an ever-changing world.


Thought Leadership


Then have an opinion. Network in your field. Meet others. Stand out. Share your opinions on the industry and how things are going. How they’re growing. Lead the way. Don’t just follow. Because if you can be one of the few leading the way and driving innovation, you’ll never get left behind.




However, perhaps the most important trait of all is the ability to be able to grow and change just as fast as consumers and the marketplace does. When new technologies emerge, when new apps and softwares and trends are all introducing, you need to try them out, you need to see what kind of waves are being made, and you need to get on board with them all. Because if you can adapt what you’re doing, change and grow, you’ll stand a much better chance at standing the test of time.