Many businesses need a portable way to process credit cards. Taxis, food delivery vehicles, and food trucks simply do not have room for cash registers.  There are too many risks involved with running a credit card between two sheets of carbon paper. First, no one wants to give out a copy of their credit card information.  Second, it takes a really long time to process the payments that way.  Point of sale (POS) systems are much more secure and convenient, but stationary POS terminals like the new Clover POS Station are too bulky for businesses that are always on the go.  Delivery drivers and roving restaurant servers need something more portable, like the Clover Mini POS or the Clover Flex.


Clover Go


The Clover Go is a tiny POS device that processes credit cards efficiently.  It plugs into your smartphone or tablet, and it can process payments from credit cards with or without a chip.  It can also process tap payments from Android, Apple, and Samsung mobile devices.


Clover Flex


The Clover Flex portable POS system looks a lot like a smart phone, except it has a chip reader at the bottom.  Much like a mobile phone, it also has a camera and a QR code scanner.  Therefore, it is great for a restaurant.  You can use it to process payments at customers’ tables and also to take inventory.


Countertop Devices


Depending on how much counter space you have, one of the Clover countertop POS systems might be best for your business.  The most complex one is the Clover POS Station.  It has all the features of a computerized cash register, but it is faster and more efficient.  The Clover POS Mini is so small that you can use it on a countertop or remotely. No matter your line of work, there are different sizes of POS systems to suit your business needs.