Power to the Customer, from CAB Studios

It’s a great time to be a customer. They are now empowered to shape brand’s strategies and are driving innovation in products and services.  Previously, brands and vendors held all the power; controlling the information available about their products including profit margins, and choosing what they wanted their customers to know about their business, and what they were buying. The massive power shift which has taken place in the Customer Age represents a huge opportunity for brands, but it can also be overwhelming, as marketers are faced with multiple channels, a wave of dynamic emerging technologies, a plethora of data, and a more competitive landscape in which to achieve cut through.

‘Power to the Customer’, explores the paradigm shift which has given the customer greater influence than ever before, and looks at the social change and technological developments which have been key drivers, exploring the role of the internet in giving customers a platform to research, share and take control of their purchasing decisions, and looking at how social media has put a greater onus on brands to be transparent and conscientious about delivering great experiences.

This white paper also examines the disconnects that can happen in today’s omnichannel world, from brands failing to build a connected picture of their customer, despite having access to a myriad of data sources, to agencies working in silos, or multiple agencies seemingly all pursuing different strategic objectives. ‘Power to the customer’ also explores the role of employee -led innovation, and the importance of listening to and empowering teams, who are at the sharp end of customer experience and can provide invaluable insight to improve it.

CAB also throw a spotlight on various brands that have quite simply ‘got it right’ in terms of listening, innovating, and focusing on delivering memorable and engaging omnichannel experiences, and those who’ve failed to adapt to a newly discerning audience with different wants and needs. CAB go on to share their insights on practical models that they use with clients to ensure they can be agile and build strategies that result in delighted customers, with a focus on connected and consistent digital, physical and emotional experiences.

Finally, ‘Power to the Customer’ concludes with CAB’s ‘Manifesto for Change’, which outlines where UK PLC, and the government are getting it wrong when it comes to fostering a culture of creativity, and supporting creative education.  CAB call for an end to unnecessary minimum qualifications when it comes to hiring creative talent, and for organisations to wake up to the fact that treating innovation as a separate activity to the core of the business, only results in high profile failures like that of Kodak.

The Manifesto also outlines the importance of vocational qualifications, with calls to do more to remove snobbery around them and encourage greater recognition of creative education, even among those who choose to study more academic subjects. CAB have recently met with the Creative Industries Federation to discuss working collaboratively to driving change, and will be exploring opportunities to spearhead activity in the midlands, where CAB are based.