Hilton Supra, Vice Chairman of Ztudium Group, interviewed Sami Khan, Co-Founder and CEO of Atlas Reality, Inc. in the latest episode of citiesabc YouTube Podcast series to discuss the role that Atlas Reality plays in bridging the gaming and real estate industries, to shape a new dimension for Web 3.0 space. The podcast is powered by openbusinesscouncil and fashionabc.

Introducing the guest, Hilton asked Sami about his journey into the world of technology. Sami said that being from a marketing background, he ventured into technology unplanned. According to him, marketing is a rapidly changing industry, where every individual needs to evolve with it in order to keep pace with it. "The more you learn, the more you grow", he said.

The conversation traversed through the journey of technological advancements, through the advent of the internet era to blockchain-based innovative solutions and reward mechanisms, the discussion also saw some of the intricacies of business models in the metaverse.

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Cashback economy: An era of reward mechanisms

Sami explained to Hilton the advent of innovative business models that has recently evolved into an all-inclusive ecosystem that created the ethos of the Web 3.0 era.

"Cashback apps became a whole economy where brands like Nike and Sephora said that instead of paying for the ad on the side of the bus, I'll pay for, say Honey, x% when they brought customers. It enables Honey and other cashback apps to basically create the foundation of Web 3.0 ethos: giving people a cut of what their participation has generated", he told Hilton.

Sami also explained to Hilton about the Atlas Merchant Platform, which is Atlas's way of creating its own reward economy. "We have partnered with retail stores where they pay us per result", he said.

Atlas Reality: The leader in virtual real estate

Although Sami is from a non-gaming background, Hilton was interested to know his inspiration behind establishing Atlas Reality. Sami said:

"When we started, we basically firmly believed that if games like Pokemon Go were using the real world as a game board, the next obvious leap was using the real estate on the game board as a piece of the game. When we built this game, we were using virtual real estate on mobile leveraging your phone's GPS, which is ultimately the best way to relate to the real world."

Hilton also asked Sami to explain the reward mechanisms in Atlas Reality's ecosystem. Sami said that users in the space are rewarded for their engagement and participation. He also highlighted that the platform is "no investment option, but a game with cashback and rewards for your participation."

Sami told Hilton how this reward mechanism could ultimately evolve to fit into Web 3.0 and the metaverse space. "The metaverse really becomes interesting when the real-world economies start flowing through it. We can't live in this world of constant speculation", he said.

Concluding the interview, Hilton asked Sami to extrapolate his vision of the trajectory. Highlighting the challenges that exist in the current virtual and digital scenario, Sami said:

"There are a lot of changes that need to happen in the app store ecosystems, or at least the metaverse and blockchain products because it's just not the same industry." 

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