Technology available to us keeps on evolving, and this level of innovation affects all the aspects of our daily life. One industry where it has had a tremendous effect on is the gaming industry. From hardware, to performance, and overall gameplay, recent technological advancements has definitely had an effect on the gaming industry. In this article, we discuss what these are, and how it has affected the gaming industry, and how it has improved every single person’s gaming experience.



Hardware Innovation


One of the most notable advancements has been in terms of gaming hardware. Prior to the recent technological advancements, gaming was only possible through a gaming console or through a gaming PC, but at a significant cost. Nowadays, people can play games on their mobile devices, and the cost of a mid-gaming rig has become more affordable for everyone. Of course, this is only possible because of recent technological innovations.


Artificial Intelligence


This particular advancement has had an impact not only on gaming, but in almost all aspects of our everyday lives. Artificial intelligence has taken over and simplified tasks that people usually take a long time to accomplish. Ride sharing and delivery apps use this to optimize driver assignments, and websites use this to optimize ads. In terms of gaming, this has improved the overall gaming experience of everyone. Instead of games having the “easy, medium, hard” game modes, there are certain games that offer a dynamic level of difficulty, which adapts to the individual’s gaming skills. This helps improve a gamer’s experience, since the game’s difficulty adjusts to his skill level.


Graphics and Display


Remember the days when having a device that allows you to have an output of 30FPS on 480p was already considered top of the line? Yeah it seems like a long time ago. Now, high-powered gaming rigs run games on 4k and 8k resolutions, and if you have the capable peripherals, you can even play on AR, VR or 3D! It’s amazing how far the technological advancements has come in this regard


Overall Gameplay


The recent technological advancements has resulted in better gameplay in all aspects. For example, instead of being at a handicap when playing online games, you can purchase gaming currencies like OSRS Gold and TBC Gold to help close the gap between you and the competition. That makes the game much more balanced, and your gaming experience a lot more enjoyable.


What to look forward to


With the rate that technology is evolving, who knows what’s in store in the future for gamers? One thing is certain: these innovations are sure to make gaming much more enjoyable for everyone.