Businesses will occasionally look overseas when it comes to employment opportunities. It could be for them opening a new facility, or looking for the chance to hire new employees.

Reasons To Employ From Overseas

One of the main reasons that a business will look overseas for their work, in both sending out employees and bringing them in, is that they will need a specialist set of skills for an important job.

This could be in a temporary way to fill a job position that won’t be around forever, or it could be seasonally related. Oftentimes, unskilled or low-skilled vacancies will arrive due to labour shortages within the market, offering the chance for overseas opportunities. The cost of hiring may also be a consideration.

Offer Work-Related Benefits

To convince people to work for your business in your country, may take a lot more effort than you think. Whilst the main pulling point may be opportunity and salary based, it still may not be enough to convince them to pack up and move.

Employees who are moving to a new country might expect support while adjusting to their new life. This might include healthcare and life insurance coverage, to ensure that if something goes wrong, they and their loved ones are safe.

You may want to consider taking out a group life insurance policy for those employees you hire overseas too. Not only will this cover them if the worst was to happen, but it also gives their family the financial backing knowing they will be supported through what would be a very difficult time. In most cases, group life insurance policies will be able to be taken out on employees who are working abroad, as well as being on holiday.

For you to find the best policies to represent your business and your employees, you will need to compare group life insurance with a provider such as Drewberry. This will allow you to compare policies from leading suppliers of group insurance, with prompt and efficient service. You can then find the policy that offers you the best coverage for your team.

What You Need To Know About Intra-Company Transfers

For employees who are looking to move from one area of your business to another overseas, they will have to apply for an intra-company transfer. Those who apply will need to meet certain skill and salary thresholds to qualify.

For workers transferring to the UK, they will need to be sponsored as an intra-company transfer by a Home Office licensed sponsor. There are many criteria that your employee needs to meet, including minimum wages and a set contract length, so make sure that you are aware of what they need and can offer them this. Work with the employee to ensure that you are both compliant with relevant regulations when they’re transferring from one part of your organisation to another.