Roles Of An Accountant: How Can Accountants Help Your Business?

When you have a  business, it is necessary to make use of your human resources. It is essential that you understand their roles and how their parts are critical for the growth of your business. One of the most vital human resources that a company should have is accountants. 

Moreover, doing accounting work can be complicated for just anyone. It needs to be done by professional people in this field. This article will help you understand the roles of accountants that can be highly beneficial for every business company.

Tax Returns

Receiving tax is one of the things your business can not avoid. A tax return accountant can help you with the financial and income tax statements of your business. They maintain the tax database of a company. Part of their work includes identifying tax savings, analyzing tax issues, and preparing payments.

Tax return accounts can advise you in creating effective tax management. Also, several ways to lower tax payments. Getting an accountant can help you prevent receiving interests and penalties concerning your tax returns in the future. They mainly find solutions to specific tax issues that your company might face in the future. 

It is therefore crucial to work with a local tax return accountant who is familiar with the local tax laws and regulations. If you are running a business in Ottawa, whether big or small, engaging the services of an Ottawa Tax Accountant is highly recommended. They will ensure that your business complies with all relevant tax laws and regulations in your area.

Financial Planning

Fundamentally, an accountant can assist you in keeping track of your income and spendings. They also help ensure statutory compliance, and more importantly, they create quantitative financial information for your investors. This financial statement can be highly beneficial to your company in making business decisions.

Additionally, accountants can help in auditing financial information, prepare business plans, and administer payroll. These are included in your financial planning. Preparing for financial planning can be easier with the help of an accountant. 


Financial Analysis and Advice

As accountants, they are mainly working with your company's financial data. They make use of these data in assisting you with your business decision-making. Accountants can provide professional advice from the financial data they have acquired to help resolve discrepancies and problems in the future. Their role can offer recommendations that can be a great resource in developing structured procedures.

Having a certified accountant can significantly help you in budgeting for financial and legal management purposes, which will also help in tax prediction. Their record log is called the accounting system journal. This log contains the complete list of the company's financial transactions.



An accountant can do the bookkeeping roles and responsibilities. They serve as people to contact between an organization and customers. Their primary responsibility in bookkeeping is to record and maintain business financial transactions. They make sure to keep your financial records of transactions very detailed and up to date. 

Having a certified accountant can significantly help you in budgeting, also in financial and legal management purposes. As a result, it will also help in tax prediction. Their record log is called the accounting system journal. This log contains the complete list of the company's financial transactions.


Mortgage Broker 

Accountants can also do the job of a mortgage broker. They specialize in real estate transactions and act as the interceder between a client and a company or a bank. Their role is to review the financial ability to settle a mortgage and decide if they are financially capable for the bank to assist them with their real estate purchase. The accountants also help a borrower in obtaining pre-approval for a mortgage loan by researching the market.


Help With Key Lease Arrangement Decisions

With the new lease accounting guidelines recently landing, business decisions are a little harder to make when you’re trying to work out what would be the most financially viable. ASC 842 require more leases to be present on the balance sheet. It’s made the age-old lease vs buy decision even more important. Although it’s a business decision, an accountant, or accounting software, can help you come to the right decision by explaining how the lease would be treated and how you’d be financially impacted. To give you a head start on working out what might be best for your business, you should use a lease vs buy calculator to gauge which option (leasing or buying) would be the most financially viable. A lease vs buy calculator can give you the knowledge you need to make the right decision for your business. Lease arrangements can be complex, but by weighing up all of the opportunities beforehand you can enter into agreements with peace of mind. The calculator will also give you some information before entering into a conversation with an accountant if you went down that route.


Preparing Payroll

As mentioned, accounts also help in the payroll management of a company. It is essential to emphasize this job role because it is a vital function of every accounting department. Moreover, it is a complex accounting function that the accounting department should need to learn. Some companies even outsource external accounting agencies for the payroll function.

Accountants prepare the salary statements of every employee and process their paychecks to avoid payroll issues. Also, they will resolve related issues when a problem arises. They ensure that payroll is in line with governmental laws and policies to keep everything legal. Their roles include updating payroll files and general ledger, also calculating net salaries, deductions, and withholdings.


Inventory Cost Management 

Inventory refers to accounting raw materials, labor, and other company costs used in production or sales. It is the stock in production stages and current assets. The accounting makes sure to keep track of the inventory costs of a company.  

Moreover, some businesses purchase their inventory through credit and are financed with loans. With the accounting, they make certain in keeping track of the liabilities and secure payments on time. They also ensure that all the inventory records are safe.



Accounting is an intricate job that needs proper credentials to make an accurate report. Also, to ensure that your treasury is in good hands and away from fraud and embezzlement. They carry massive responsibility regarding your financial statements. 

That is why you must be familiar with their job description so that you can feel secure with letting an accountant handle these. More importantly, you can never be too sure in assessing your company's financial situation, and an accountant can help you with it.