Most businesses adhere to standard manufacturing approaches, but when you are a small business, and you have ambition beyond your current remit, it can be an intimidating state of affairs, not least in the manufacturing industry. When a startup is looking to encompass a sense of mass appeal, mass manufacturing has to be a priority to get the product out there. But when we are so small, how can we begin this approach to manufacturing on a large scale?


The Concept


Simply put, a product that's simple and easy to prototype translates into something manufactured with ease. A concept isn't something that happens overnight, but the right product that captures the zeitgeist and is easy to use will result in a leaner production process in terms of mass manufacturing.


The Scope


On a large scale, manufacturing is a very difficult process. It's not just about putting an item on a conveyor belt and letting it go the journey, it's about the finite materials involved in the factory operation. The type of belt conveyors for bulk materials in comparison to smaller materials could mean a difference in the overall production process. You've got to have the scope to cope with the products on a small scale, but also understand how getting it out to the masses can be a very overwhelming concept. To promote your product on a large scale, especially when you're a small startup, the process requires more than big picture thinking, it's about having the goods to back it up.


Outsourcing As A Means To An End


When we are starting out, outsourcing is one of those components that everybody takes advantage of now. In manufacturing, there are so many businesses that outsource to offshore companies and factories on the other side of the world. And if you feel this dilutes the brand in some way, you've got to get over yourself. It is a means to an end, but it may prove to be the best choice for the business, not just now, but in the future. After all, outsourcing saves money but companies outsource when they don't have necessary skills in house.


The Smooth Production Process


There are so many approaches to mass production. Ultimately, you need to ensure that the framework you provide is suitable. Numerous businesses choose the lean manufacturing methods, as it results in minimal waste and maximum productivity. But right now, if you are focused on building the product and getting it out there, productivity might not be the priority at the moment. Gradually, as you go on, you can begin to make small tweaks and turn the manufacturing operation into a well-oiled beast. As far as productivity is concerned, you can always make little changes over time, and you will learn from your mistakes. And this is par for the course; you can't get it right first time! Mass manufacturing is a massive concept, especially when you've started in other, less ambitious circles. But when you're small, you can start big, just as long as you have the right mindset.