openbussinesscouncil summit, created by the Leading Global Digital Business Directory, and Vietnam Frontier Tech Summit, organised by the trusted Vietnam tech platform YellowBlocks, have announced a global strategic partnership that aims to foster digital transformation in SMEs, businesses and startups from all over the world.

The partnership between

openbussinesscouncil summit

by open business platform part of ztudium group and Vietnam Frontier Tech Summit by YellowBlocks will accelerate that global vision. YellowBlocks is a leading Vietnam tech gateway that provides local insights, premiere networks, and business / marketing / tech strategies for leading companies in emerging tech (ABCD — AI/ML/Robotics, Blockchain, Cloud, Data). There are approximately 430 million companies recorded worldwide, but 80% of small businesses still don't have a website and 28% say they likely won't in the future, according to a recent survey by Visual Objects. However, only in the US, more than 80 percent of Americans do go online to research before making a purchase or using a company. Through a blockchain-based platform, digital business directory and marketplace aims precisely to help businesses become digital while keeping the data updated and reliable. For the very first partnership movement,


will have Dinis Guarda, Founder & Chairman of openbusinesscouncil as a speaker of their upcoming event “Vietnam Frontier Tech Summit 2020: Welcome To The Future” (in the framework of TechFest Vietnam 2020). The “Vietnam Frontier Tech Summit 2020: Welcome To The Future” is part of TechFest Vietnam 2020, the biggest annual tech & innovation event organized by MOST in coordination with multiple Ministries, Agencies and socio-political organizations.The conference gathers the representatives from different key stakeholders of the frontier tech ecosystem in Vietnam and ASIA such as YellowBlocks, SGInnovate, Advantage Austria, FPT, TechNode, Topica Edtech Group, Open Business Council, OCB, Jobhopin, Kambria, Beowulf Blockchain. The Speaker & Host is Ms. Doan Kieu My, Head of Frontier Tech Village, Founder — YellowBlocks & Top 10 Influential Women in Tech by Analytics Insight. In a recent interview for Dinis Guarda citiesabc openbusinesscouncil YouTube series,

YellowBlocks founder Kimiko

said about the importance of Digital Transformation for businesses:

“What I have seen in my experience is that digital technology needs to be trusted to be really exploited. YellowBlocks is one such platform that was created to leverage that. We believe in the impacts of emerging technology. We connect the global thought leaders with the local market to co-create values and to bridge the gap between tech, marketing and business.”

On the other hand,

Dinis Guarda, Founder & Chairman of,

part of ztudium group, commented:

“At least 50% to 60% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years… if they don’t figure out how to change, digital transform their companies, employees to accommodate new technologies & accelerated change. Businesses & governments will have to learn how to use these tools more than being overwhelmed by them. That starts with education, re-learn, accept the change and see digital as the new normal. The DNA of our times.”

openbusinesscouncil summit is taking place on December, 9-10

About the openbusinesscouncil summit

Digital Transformation December Openbusinesscouncil Summit Focuses on the Impact of Covid-19 and the Challenges of 4IR, Society 5.0, AI, Blockchain and FinTech openbusinesscouncil summit showcases 20 Governments and 100+ Global Industry Speakers on the 9 & 10 December 2020 and reflects how to build better solutions in an environment impacted by Coronavirus The openbusinesscouncil summit is a leading 2-day global virtual event that aims to strengthen businesses, startups and governments’ with digital transformation strategies and how to deal with the economic challenges and technology disruption arising from COVID-19. The two-day summit provides access to a unique audience of 100+ leading global speakers from over 30 countries and a direct reach of 10.000 participants and an indirect reach digital streaming in social media that reaches around 10 million people. The participants include potential partners and clients, leading global thought leaders, entrepreneurs, startup organisations, accelerators, investors, authors and governments. From the 100+ speakers and organisations involved on other panels we highlight these personalities: · Tran Van Tung - Deputy Minister of Science & Tech Vietnam · Oleksandr Bornyakov - Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for IT Development Ukraine · Eric van der Kleij - Cofounder, creator of, former UK Smart Nation Director and Advisor to UK Prime Minister · Michael Stanley Jones - Programme Management Officer at United Nations · Ben Goertzel - CEO Founder of SingularityNET, Chairman of the Artificial General Intelligence Society, the OpenCog · Dr. Renganaden Padayachy - Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Republic of Mauritius · Saifuddin Abdullah - Minister of Communications of Malaysia, · Syed Junaid Imam - Member of Ministry Of IT & Telecom Government Of Pakistan, · Jaewon Peter Chun - President at World Smart Cities Forum · Jayne Chan - The Government of the Hong Kong SAR · Khalid Saad - Board Member Bahrain Chapter Oqal Angel Investors · Nameer Khan - Chairman and Founding Board Member MENA FinTech Association · Edwin Diender - CDxO and Vice President, Government & Public Sector, Global Government Business Unit of Huawei Enterprise · Dr. Ricardo Greenfield - EurA Director The summit has a solid focus on businesses and governments' digital transformation strategies, and it will provide a road map of solutions, covering opportunities of how to work and collaborate as governments, businesses, cities, citizens and nations move forward with 4IR - Society 5.0. The summit will provide an international business and brand exposure through our media partners. The openbusinesscouncil summit openbusinesscouncil is a Leading Global Digital Business Directory Certification and Marketplace. Created by a team of global thought leaders and business leaders with more than 20 years of working with governments, business networks, tech ecosystems, universities, we offer a business directory submission and digital blockchain AI certificate for businesses and professionals. The platform was created by open business platform Limited, part of ztudium group. openbusinesscouncil has released the following videos and documentaries in the last few weeks.

Film 1: Digital Transformation Impact of Covid19 Challenges 4IR Society 5.0 AI #obcsummit

Film 2: Digital Transformation Why Businesses Governments Must Change with Smart Cities 4IR AI blockchain #obcsummit

Film 3: DigitalTransformation Impact of #Covid19 Challenges #4IR #Society5.0 #AI #obcsummit

Film 4: How Businesses Governments Can Build Digital Transformation Solutions

About YellowBlocks

YellowBlocks is the trusted business / marketing consulting firm and B2B connector – the gateway to and from Vietnam and the world, in regards to the emerging tech ecosystem (starting first with ABCD – AI/ML/Robotics, Blockchain, Cloud, Data). Currently, we have more than 120 strategic partners and guest advisors, with an extended reach of 100,000+ audience in the tech/ startup space. Our network comprises Ecosystem builders, Tech communities, Academic communities (Universities and Research Institutes), VCs/ Incubators/Accelerators, Global Associations, Top Media / Marketing Agencies, Management consultants / advisors... in Vietnam, US, Europe and SouthEast Asia. Just to name a few: Startup Vietnam Foundation, European Blockchain Hub, Nhip Cau Dau Tu, Global Blockchain Chamber of Commerce, RMIT University, Saigon Innovation Hub, Google Developers Group, North Head Capital, SGInnovate, Business Finland,…