Technology can be a wonderful thing to have in your office. Whether it’s computers, printers, a network or some complicated machinery, it’s important to rely on technology to help make our businesses more effective and productive.

However, technology can also be a hindrance depending on how you use it. There are many failure points, it comes with a high cost and it can be time-consuming to teach new employees how to use specific types of technology, especially if they’re unique to your business or industry. As a result, you might find that technology can slowly become your enemy instead of being your friend.

In this post, we’ll be looking at a couple of common areas where technology can eventually become a huge issue that you need to deal with and moderate before it starts to reduce your productivity and become a hindrance to your business operations.

Technology costs too much to repair

This is a huge issue especially when your business uses a lot of outdated technology where there are few specialized technicians, or if the parts are difficult to obtain. If your technology is costing too much to repair, then it’s worth looking into alternatives such as updated computers and laptops that are easier to repair, or switching away from devices that are locked down (such as Apple’s computers) that are harder to open and repair.

If you find that you’re spending far too much on maintenance, then it’s a good idea to switch away from systems that are difficult or expensive to repair or even consider learning how to repair them yourself.

Managing complicated technological systems

Whether it’s a complex network of computers that you have to manage, a networked server that you’re not even sure how to use or a unique machine that doesn’t have much documentation, it’s important to rely on third-party services to help you manage complex systems. For instance, you may want to contact or a similar service to help you manage your IT so that you’re not constantly fighting against it. Having the right source of IT support can make a world of difference for any business.

If your business uses complicated technology and systems to function, then you need to have the right support to help you manage it in the long-term.

A skilled managed IT support team can handle all of the technical aspects of your business so that you don’t have to worry about it. Plus, they'll ensure there's someone on guard at all times to address any issues that may arise.

Efficient use of time

Something that technology promises us is more time to ourselves. Automating tasks is said to give us more time to actually be creative and do something unique, but do keep in mind that time is still the enemy when you’re relying on technology. Think about the time you spend fine-tuning a system that is automated, or the time spent learning about new computers and technology that could’ve been spent on whatever you used before. Also, consider the amount of time you spend training new employees on how to use a new system that they’re unfamiliar with.

While technology can be efficient, time is still a factor and it’s often better to choose technology that simply works, is intuitive and can be taught easily to new employees.

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