Launching your very own pet product line is a smart move, especially now that the pet product industry is expected to experience continued growth for the next few years. Now is the best time to dip your toes in the water, so to speak, and find out if catering to the needs of pets and pet parents will help you set a solid foundation for your business. By launching your new pet product line as soon as possible, you stand a better chance of reaching households with pets and new pet owners. You'll also be more likely to secure a mutually beneficial relationship between these families and your business.

Coming up with pet products for your new line is a demanding task. You may have to establish a few essential partnerships with other companies and individuals so that you’ll be able to come up with designs and products that suit your business. Here are some of the partnerships you should be building in preparation for establishing a successful pet product line.

Design Company

To make a statement with your products, you must come up with a pet product design that can stand out from the competition. If you already have an existing business or a line of products that’s not related to pet merchandise, perhaps you want pet products that also exhibit the values and design elements present in your main products. This may mean a touch of minimalism, a splash of color, or something as simple as your brand’s logo or name.

Make these elements all work together in your upcoming custom dog collars, leashes, or any other type of offering by getting in touch with a company that specializes in pet product design. Partnering with a design specialist, particularly one that’s familiar with pet products, will help you set a solid foundation for your new product line. This will ensure that your new merchandise will suit the taste and practical requirements of your target audience.

Manufacturing Company

To turn your designs into tangible objects that you can sell to your customers, you must connect with a manufacturing company. Fortunately, some pet product manufacturers may already have in-house design teams. Should you get the chance, pick these kinds of manufacturers whenever possible. This is because working with a company that can take care of your pet product design and manufacturing can help you finish your production process in record time. Plus, going this route means you only have to deal with one set of people, and you can expect a smooth transition from the design phase to the manufacturing process.

Before you sign up for any agreement, though, make sure that the company you’re partnering with uses quality raw materials and stringent processes to complete your order. After all, your brand will be on these products, so you must ascertain the quality of every item. If the initial output looks completely up to your standards, then you’ve just found a reliable partner who can work on the next batches of your pet product line.

Retailers and Distributors

Where will your products go after production? Once your designs have been fully realized, they need to be made available to waiting customers. If you have your own retail shop, then it’s time to put your products front and center so that the collection will be seen by your customers. You can also work with other retail companies and shops that specialize in distributing pet products so that your items can reach a much wider market.

Marketing Professionals

You want to celebrate your new product line and create interest around your freshest items. To do this effectively, you might want to form a partnership with marketing professionals who can help spread the word about your pet products. Even before your items hit the market, your marketing contacts should be hyping up your followers and letting interested customers know where and when the products will be available. An expert marketer will help you engage with your audience and ensure your products will be launched to great fanfare.

Animal Welfare Organizations

While having quality products with great designs is already a good step in securing your new line’s success, it’s also important for commercial products to have a story and something to represent. Your new pet product line is an addition to your business venture, and you might want to let your audience know why you wanted to design and sell quality pet products in the first place.

So, last but not least, you’ll want to form a partnership with an agency that focuses on animal welfare and champions responsible ownership. A partnership with an animal welfare agency will not only help you build your brand’s credibility and highlight what your business stands for, but it will also help your customers build their stories with your products. Some of the most common forms of partnerships between brands and humane organizations include information drives, event hosting, sponsorships, and donations matching.

Have you made connections with people and organizations that will help you create and launch a successful pet product line? Now is as great a time as any to start looking for partners who can help you launch your new collection successfully.