Chris Ducker, best-selling author, leading business mentor, and Founder of the UK’s leading digital education company, will be leading a 3-day conference in London for digital entrepreneurs from 30+ countries on 9-11 November: the Youpreneur Summit. More than 300 digital entrepreneurs are expected to attend the conference, which will feature leading keynote speakers and best-selling authors from US and UK.

Taking place at the Queen Elizabeth Center, the Youpreneur Summit aims to help digital entrepreneurs become the go-to consultant in their industry and build a futureproof business around their expertise, passion and personality. In addition to experts from the worlds of Instagram, podcasting, film, digital marketing and digital content and design, keynote speakers from around the world will include: Hal Elrod, Miracle Morning, JJ Virgin, The Virgin Diet, Tod Herman, The Alter Ego Effect, Phil Jones, Exactly What to Say.

In this age of political and business uncertainty, Chris and top speakers from around the world will address how entrepreneurs can follow in his footsteps to future-proof their businesses by building their personal brand.

“I’ve started and built a number of different businesses. You come up with an idea, you launch it, you get clients, you pivot, you lose clients. But when you build a business built on your personal brand, it will be the last business pivot that you’ll ever make because you’re building your business around your uniqueness. Because you’ve built the brand around you and your audience’s trust in you - your audience, your clients, your tribe, these people will follow you. Because they want to do business with YOU, they will pivot with you, as you evolve. Because of that you become futureproof,”  commented Chris Ducker.

Chris Ducker is a serial entrepreneur who runs several businesses that combined house over 350 employees round the world. He is the author of Rise of the Youpreneur: the Definitive Guide to Becoming the GoTo Leader in Your Industry and Building a Futureproof Business and Virtual Freedom, He used to work 84 hours a week until he suffered a breakdown that landed him in the hospital. Now he works 20 hours a week and always takes Fridays off.