Stay One Degree, a travel social marketplace, has conducted in-depth research to give insights into what the top 1% is looking for when planning next year’s travel. Working with travel expert Simon Calder and strategic foresight network The Future Laboratory; the world’s ?rst luxury travel social marketplace has identified seven luxury consumer shifts and reveal the key luxury travel trends for 2019.


1. Two-week holidays suffer due to being replaced by the 'ninetynite'


As we enter the darkest and most dreary months of the year, luxury travellers are looking ahead to their next holiday. Stay One Degree reveals that a two-week summer holiday is simply not long enough for the top 1% anymore. The modern lives of the rich and famous are busier than ever so it’s no wonder 10% of luxury high-earning travellers will be swapping their summer mini- break hotels for indulgent long stay rentals for a minimum of one month and often extending this beyond three months. This sees a trend of business men and women relocating their family to a central holiday home to where they are commuting to and from work commitments, whilst their family can stay and enjoy the sun. Simon Calder, travel expert said; “Travellers’ horizons have never been wider, yet I am seeing plenty of evidence that families are not able to make a great escape in the way they once did. Twenty-first century reality is that many organisations expect that their top people will be in constant contact, and families are having to adapt to that change. The smarter players in the travel industry understand that and facilitate flexibility – while ensuring the best possible experience.” Callum Watt, Marketing Director said; “It’s been a noticeable shift for next year’s ways of travelling. The Stay One Degree properties are getting booked up for three months at a time, so much so that ‘the Ninetynite trip’ has been coined amongst the home owners. Travellers, mostly those with demanding jobs, are booking these stays along with the private nanny services to keep their work roles and parenting duties balanced throughout the summer”


Secluded Travel is on the rise making helipads a mustSecluded Travel is on the rise making helipads a must


2. Secluded Travel is on the rise making helipads a must


As many of us opt for ever more localised experiences, millennials and new luxury consumers are swapping holidays in popular destinations for trips to unexpected, unexplored and difficult to get to locations. 30% of the high earning travellers have admitted that they are travelling alone to be alone, so there is no surprise that the requests for helipads have been on the rise by 86% in the last year. 32% of travellers are now stating private beaches are a must for their holiday next year. Stay One Degree has offered a series of private islands via its network since launching in December 2017. The search for private islands has increased dramatically over the 12-month period and private jets and islands are becoming more of a norm for the luxury travellers.


3. Wellbeing holidays and self-discovery become top priority for the entire family


30% of luxury travellers have said that mindfulness and wellbeing activities are their main priority when booking their next holiday. The obvious yoga retreat option remains popular; however, holiday homeowners are noticing in-depth spiritual guidance and self-discovery treatments are becoming necessary to secure bookings. Instructors and therapists are offered in order to target luxury traveller’s physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.  Requests are also on the rise for transformational coaching, hypnosis and reiki healing. The rise in value of the wellness tourism market, speaks for itself. Figures from The Global Health and Wellness Tourism 2018 report show that wellness tourism is growing at 12% a year, while the non-spa-related segment of healthy travel markets now represents 59% of all wellness related trips. Add to this, the fact that wellness tourists spend on average 130% more than ordinary travellers and you can see why this sector continues to grow as consumers generally become more health conscious, pro-active and determined to choose health and wellness breaks that place equal emphasis on the mind, and spirit as well as the body. Elsewhere, the impact of the wellness tourism market is trickling down to the children of luxury travellers. There are now options where children can partake in a digi-detox muscle-awakening session to soothe body and mind. They can also practise smiling yoga to promote emotional development. To maximize this experience, you can take a private charter for the best price available with the help of Jettly.


3. Conscious travel is becoming increasingly important3. Conscious travel is becoming increasingly important


3. Conscious travel is becoming increasingly important


The research conducted by Stay One Degree shows that not only are the top 1% looking to be more charitable this year, 16% of high net worth travellers said that the environment is a top concern for them. Bookings for ethical and eco-friendly escapes are predicted to rise by 70% within the network that have an emphasis on properties with natural energy and locally sourced produce. Martin Raymond co-founder, LS:N Global said: “In the way that eco-travel become big in the 90s and noughties, Conscious travel and Conscious tourism is very much the way to travel for the 2020s. The trend is being driven by new shifts in luxury tastes for more considered travel moments at one end of the market and by Millennials at the other who are keen on low impact, high-purpose experiences where there is a direct link between the spends you make, and the how this money is used locally.”

The conscious traveller is always on the look-out for new ways to save energy, invest time, build friendships and spend money on projects that have a demonstrable and long-term impact on their communities and the people that live in them. Holiday rentals on the Stay One Degree network have direct relationships with the local communities whether that be private chef ensuring that local produce and suppliers are used to ensuring that guests are advised to where to visit to help the local economy.


4. No Time Wasted: Trips to learn a new skill


21% said that the most important factor to booking a trip if they are able to learn a new skill whilst on holiday. Luxury travellers value their time and are looking to make full use of their time off from work and their everyday tasks. Many want to return from their trips with something priceless, rememberable and enriching to their life. Stay One Degree now has a long list of private instructors across the world that can visit the home rentals with some offering live-in instructors for example artists that will teach you how to paint during daily lessons in the home, through to kite surfers that will be available 24/7. Simon Calder, travel expert said; “Just as experiences are being seen as more valuable than possessions, so people are increasingly keen to acquire a new skill on holiday.” Callum Watt, Marketing Director at Stay One Degree said:

“Our members are increasingly looking for more varied holidays, and interesting homes to stay in. Combining this with the opportunity to learn a bespoke new skill from that country and a local specialist artist is a great memory to take home.”


5. Drink and food destinations are on the rise


Those surveyed are also on a mission to expand their pallets, with a third (33%) of them actively seeking out food specific destinations with access well respected Michelin Starred restaurants, local produce markets and nearby culinary courses. 65% of the high-earners said that it will be necessary to have a personal chef to stay at their holiday homes for the duration of their stay with many of these wanting to receive lessons during their stay. The rise in culinary travel also sees a vast number of people travelling for beverage-based experiences unavailable in their home towns or countries. Stay One Degree boasts several properties, well situated to accommodate such travel requirements. A number of homes on the platform are fitted with wine cellars, featuring rare and unique bottles and well situated in places known for their access to gastronomic experiences.


Cheese boards and vineyards in FranceCheese boards and vineyards in France


Cheese boards and vineyards in France


There’s no surprise that when luxury global travellers are booking holiday homes in France, they like to experience the romance of wine tasting along with a vast variety of French cheeses. The Stay One Degree network hold a variety of properties with their own vineyards and wine cellars that are provided with complimented cheeses, such as this star property in Burgandy, Romenay. Christophe, a Stay One Degree home owner to the château, built in 1571, is a wine expert by profession. Before this, he spent 20 years in the camping industry, who inherited Chateau de l'Eperviere 10 years ago and transformed it into the ultimate camping experience. In 2008 he sold the company and took up the hobby of buying and restoring old châteaux, combining the guest experience with his love of wine. He has a dedicated team who work year round on the châteaux from the design stage onwards, they plan and renovate the properties all themselves, Christophe’s wife doing the design for each home. Most of their guests are from the UK, USA and Canada, and normally have a big interest in wine. In Burgundy, the majority of wine producers are small and are not public but sell exclusively to specialist wine shops and Michelin starred restaurants. You cannot visit the vineyards or buy the wine normally. Christophe has an arrangement with 22 of the best regional wine producers who stock him every year.


Taste ThailandTaste Thailand


Taste Thailand


Thailand has climbed up the ladder-of-importance to foodie holiday seekers. Travellers want authenticity when they travel, and Thailand has been a destination commended for this by Stay One Degree members. This Thai Villa stands out magnificently in a serene jungle landscape overlooking Phuket's Western coast. With floor-to-ceiling glass windows, the villa provides incredible views of the Andaman Sea and it's green jungle surroundings, whilst meals prepared by a dedicated private chef serving local delicacies at a table in an open pagoda just next to the pool.


Tapas in SpainTapas in Spain


Tapas in Spain


Spain, the most popular destination for 2019, is attracting global travellers with their local restaurants and rich produce to enjoy in the summer sun. Tapas is popular between friends and family that encourages socialising and sharing. People are travelling to Spain in big groups and the only thing on the menu is Tapas. The Costa Brava Villa perched above unobstructed views of the Mediterranean Sea has immediate access to the beach and a path to the town of Aiguablava, where the taste authentic Spanish tapas dishes have been celebrated. Private chefs source locally and also recommend the best places to eat.




When it comes to luxury travellers, location is everything. Sri Lanka, Canada and Barbados make up the top destinations for travellers to explore in 2019. And Europe continues to make its way to the top ten with favourite countries Spain, France and Scotland ranking the highest. Asia Pacific as a combination is proving popular with Indonesia, Thailand and Philipines within the top ten. Intrepid travellers will be flocking here in 2019 says research conducted by Stay One Degree. The luxury travellers said that mindfulness and wellbeing activities are one of the reasons this their next destination of choice. Alternatively, they are booking trips to Asia Pacific for the adventure, to broaden their mind and self-discovery.

  1. Spain
  2. Indonesia
  3. Sri Lanka
  4. France
  5. Thailand
  6. Canada
  7. Barbados
  8. Bahamas
  9. Philippines
  10. Scotland