One of the most pressing problems for small businesses is the lack of efficiency in the office. Saving time is just as important as saving money and if you’re not focusing on the ways that you can do better with the time that you have in the workplace, you’re very likely to fail as a business. The employees that work for you are people, not cogs, and increasing their working hours isn’t necessarily going to increase their efficiency. Leaders and management teams should be working on the ways that they can

improve the productivity of their staff

without compromising the way that they spend their time, which isn’t always simple. Thankfully, we’ve got five of the best things that you could be doing to improve the productivity of your staff.

Share & Share Alike

You are a business leader, but you are not a machine. It’s the hardest thing to do, especially for someone who finds it difficult to let things go at work, but if you don’t

learn to delegate

, you could find yourself lagging behind. There’s nothing wrong with prioritising the things that mean the most to you but checking every detail yourself can be detrimental rather than organised. Give pieces of your business to those you can trust, and you can ensure that things are still done right.


You have hired, trained and shaped your staff to work well for you, you already know their stuff. Once you can identify the right skills in the right people, you can start handing out tasks and responsibilities to the right people. Doing this can improve efficiency ten-fold.

Talk, Talk, Talk

Whether you use

business text messaging services

or online chat services, you need to figure out a way to communicate effectively internally in your business. Communication is the only thing that makes a workforce productive; talk to your staff and you can learn a lot.

Round Of Applause

Incentives are so important to give your employees something to aim for. If you’re giving them a reason to do well, a goal, you’ll find that they are working harder and better to achieve it. People need a goal and a direction to do better and you have it in your power to do that.

Stop Wasting Time

Arrange your office and your staff according to LEAN principles. This method can help to cut out the excess time you are spending moving from task to task and wasting time in between them. This gives your staff the time to focus on what really counts. You can save your business a lot of time and money if you work on all the ways that you could help your staff to be more efficient. Don’t fall behind when making your business the best that it can be and use the staff that you’ve spent time training to do better and reach the goals that you have set for yourself. Take the time to manage your people, and your business will thrive.