When it comes to enterprise software development, there is a common assumption that a technological stack could directly influence it. You must carefully pick a tech stack before the development process since this will decide the success of your project. With so many different tech stacks available in the development industry today, choosing which one is ideal for your project may be difficult. Fundamentally, it isn't that stack of damaged laptops, mobile phones, and other trash you want to e-waste at some time. A technological stack is a combination of diverse technologies that function collectively for a particular purpose, typically as a basis for platforms like websites, mobile applications, software and enterprise web app development.

When selecting a nearshore software development company, it is crucial to consider how they approach and utilize different technological stacks. Evaluating their expertise in various tech stacks, such as front-end and back-end development languages, frameworks, and databases, is essential to ensure they align with your project requirements. Additionally, understanding their experience and track record in implementing specific tech stacks can provide insights into their ability to deliver high-quality solutions. By thoroughly researching and assessing these factors, you’ll determine how to choose a nearshore software development company best suited to meet your project's technological needs.

In this article, we will walk you through various top technology stacks for enterprise software development. Keep going!


Top Technology Stacks For Enterprise Software Development

Tech stacks are the backbone of the enterprise software development company process that manages each development phase and functioning of the software. For instance, Facebook, Instagram, and NetFlix are just a few of the most well-known software products that have combined the best tech stacks available worldwide. As a result, we are all very much aware of them in terms of popularity and importance. Now you have basic knowledge about the tech stack, and it's time to keep our conversation going into the leading technology stacks. Follow the below guide!

MEAN Stack

The MEAN stack will remain the most common technological stack for enterprise software development in 2021. It is the primary option of developers for creating responsive, user-friendly software products since it is a complete package of JavaScript-based technologies. MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js, and it is a technology stack that combines these JavaScript technologies into one. MongoDB is a NoSQL database, and Express.js is a backend technology. And Node.js is a cross-platform server that executes JavaScript code outside of an internet browser, whereas Angular.js is a front-end development framework.

LAMP Stack

LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, and it's a tried-and-true technological stack. LAMP is currently the most widely used platform for delivering apps. It can handle dynamic pages, which alter their data each time they are loaded. You can choose components depending on your own business objectives. Rather than utilizing Linux, you may create a WAMP stack with Microsoft Windows or a MAMP stack with Mac OS. Perl or the highly prevalent Python language can alternatively use instead of PHP.

MERN Stack

MERN Stack is a version of MEAN Stack in which Angular.js is substituted with React.js as the front-end framework. Because of its HTML-like structure, many businesses choose React.js over the conventional Angular framework for front-end development. These frameworks, however, are perfectly excellent for creating single-page applications. The difference is manifested in several various offers. React.js, for example, is more SEO-friendly and able to handle substantial visitor levels. Angular.js, on the other hand, has a more user-friendly coding environment and more significant support for software testing. In addition, the MERN stack includes a comprehensive package for enterprise software development company.

MEVN Stack

MEVN has quite a similarity with MEAN, which substitutes Angular.js with Vue.js for front end development. Vue.js, considering its freshness, has grown immensely and is now widely used to create single-page online apps. Vue.js has many similarities to React and Angular, but it also has a lot of speed improvements and easy code reusability. Furthermore, in Vue.js programming, developers may leverage third-party tools to improve coding productivity.


Final Verdict

Selections in technology stacks can have an impact on how a software development team works. So, if you need enterprise software development services, look no further than Jelvix. We are a well-known corporate software development firm that offers end-to-end enterprise software solutions to help businesses streamline complicated operations. Our development team specializes in developing business applications with unique features utilizing the above tools and technologies. We've done multiple large-scale software projects for small businesses and startups all around the world.