Dinis Guarda’s latest research video highlights 10 specific industries that the Metaverse will revolutionize.


From Metaversive Banks, Digital healthcare, Virtual Retail and Commerce, to Tech Education...These are not mere concepts anymore. With progressive advancements in technology and tools, Metaverse is gaining traction among most industries, making its existence more relevant day by day.

Metaverse is a promise that makes the world of fantasies come to reality. Just as Web 2.0 was crucial for smartphones and laptops, #Web3 will serve that role for the Metaverse.  

This Metaverse Revolution is creating a brave, new world. With NFTs, Web 3.0, Internet, Blockchain, and AI-powered Avatars, the Metaverse is shifting us into new social-economic gamification models. Our world will never be the same. Our industries won’t either.

This is a research video from Dinis Guarda and produced by citiesabc.com, openbusinesscouncil.org; fashionabc.org and ztudium techabc.

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