What if the reality is not so different than an illusion! What if with the help of technology, a whole new immersive environment can be created around us that even after being only projected lights can give us a real experience! With this in mind, Virtual Reality has been created. There is no denying the fact that VR is actually far from being perfect, but we believe it will go there sooner than later. Entertainment is one of the core industries that have already been affected by VR technology immensely. Many businesses in this industry have risen with the promise of VR experiences, and they are growing! Let's have a look at each sector of the VR Entertainment Industry:


1. VR Gaming


With the help of VR gaming headsets and props or suits, players can live in the world they spend the majority of their time seeing through a computer screen. The VR headsets give the players a fully immersive 360-degree view, you can interact with each component with the help of your prop or suit. Developers are creating a whole load of VR games, attracting players to get an original experience of the game! Just look at the VR casino and gambling games, how a player can get the experience of playing with an actual slot machine, roulette or poker! You can even socially interact with another real player! You must check out these fantastic VR games, register with the lottery code to get discounts.


2. Movies and Cinema


If you thought 3D movies are incredible, think again. With 3D cinemas being so popular and sought after, there's no need to saying how much VR technology is bringing to the table. You can lead the life of a movie character, feel all that the character is feeling and may even take decisions that will change the outcome of the movie! How crazy is that! Several prominent global film festivals like Sundance and Tribeca have already started using VR technology to showcase some of the films. Needless to say, they did get amazing responses.


3. Sports


The thrill we get from attending a sports event right on the field is incomparable. The reality, however, doesn't allow us to go into the field all the times as we like. Thankfully, we can create our own virtual reality if the reality is not on our side. Already, many sports events are being shot with a 360-degree camera allowing the viewers to get an immersive viewing opportunity and enjoy their favorite sports event live like!


4. Tourism


Tourism can't actually be called as part of the only entertainment industry; it falls in education too. Having said that, it gives us double the pleasure when we see technology is also taking on the Tourism sector. Many famous museums, like the British Museum, has been offering full VR experiences. You can enjoy roaming the whole museum right from your home. An increasing number of exhibition galleries around the world, like the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, has also been showcasing through VR technology. VR tourism doesn't end there, very soon you can also roam the historical sites of Rome and Greece sitting right on your classroom.