The Virtual Technology Cluster Group ("The VTC Group").


Business and technology networks are a fast growing reality and are proliferating worldwide. In the UK, in special with the rising star of the London tech city fast growing global stardom, tech networks has been shining and are now bringing new business for both startups, SMEs and big corporations.


A cluster established by leading industry experts and investors, The Virtual Technology Cluster Group's ("The VTC Group") is a model that enables major multi-national companies to attract emerging and disruptive technology innovators ("VTC Members") into their supply chain.  VTC Members are offered revenue opportunities by the Sponsors, access to advisers providing expert scale-up services and networking opportunities, and support from the Academic and Investment communities.


In March 2015 the first VTC, focused on UK cyber security IP, services, and information communications technology (ICT), was launched in association with Lockheed Martin, a global defence and security corporation. Membership currently exceeds 70 leading entrepreneurial IT businesses from startups through to publicly listed entities, all focused on revenue driven business growth.


The VTC Group is now creating a number of additional sponsored technology clusters focusing on different sub-sectors across the globe.

The launch of The VTC Group was done following the success of the Lockheed Martin VTC. Connecting large corporates to disruptive technology innovators and driving dynamic opportunities and demand for VTCs across multiple sectors. The Virtual Technology Cluster Group, an organisation enabling multi-national companies to attract entrepreneurial IT companies into their supply chains, is official launching in March 2016.


Relevant Stats about Technology Transfer in UK

Relevant Stats about Technology Transfer in UK


Established by leading industry experts and investors, The VTC Group's model enables disruptive technology innovators ("VTC Members") to gain access to revenue opportunities offered by the Sponsors. There are advisers providing expert scale-up support, networking opportunities, and support from the Academic and Investment communities. The first application of the VTC model - the Lockheed Martin Virtual Technology Cluster ("LM VTC")  was launched in March 2015, with a focus on cyber security and information communications technology (ICT). Attracting co-sponsors such as EMC who joined in January 2016, the LM VTC now boasts in excess of 70 technology companies, with highlights including:

- More than 20 industry experts in fields such as accounting, legal, technical services and communications. - Reciprocal support from Derby University, Crossword Cyber Security and Vision 2020 Network Ltd. 

- Three member companies have provided support to Lockheed Martin R&D activities. 

- Three member companies supported a recent Lockheed Martin winning bid.


StartUp Britain Geo Location, 70% of business out of London

StartUp Britain Geo Location, 70% of business out of London


Having established the VTC model, the LM VTC is now in its second year. Lockheed Martin will continue to help technology SMEs in the UK supply chain make connections and pursue opportunities, connecting its members to a growing number of industry experts providing advice and support in specialist areas. The VTC Group has attracted significant funding from a number of high profile investors that will enable it to both build its own business by creating additional sponsored technology clusters in different sub-sectors across the globe, and to invest in opportunities produced within each VTC. It has appointed a number of senior executives and entrepreneurs to its Board to help guide the organisation.

The Chairman of The VTC Group is Ken Olisa, OBE, and the CEO is Auriol Stevens. The Board also includes Mike Kennedy, John Moore and Michael Wellesley-Wesley. James Lort is a Director and Head of Operations is Alexis Vickery.

On this subject Auriol Stevens, CEO, the VTC Group, commented: "When we launched the first VTC last year, alongside Lockheed Martin, we were confident it would be a success. The quality of entrepreneurs, advisers and other supporters, combined with the opportunities for Members to compete for new business has meant that creating the VTC Group was an obvious next step. We see similar exciting opportunities and demand for VTCs in almost every sector we have researched and we will be launching the next VTC shortly."