If you get harassed sexually at your workplace, you should never suffer in silence. Sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal. There are laws to protect you if you have experienced sexual harassment. The laws protect employees that have gotten unwelcome sexual advances, unwanted sexual propositions, and demands. These laws also forbid retaliation for reporting sexual harassment. If you are confronted with conduct that you think maybe sexual harassment, it’s advisable to contact an empolyment lawyer, such as the ones at Sattiraju Law Firm, and speak to them about the issue.


What to do When Sexually Violated

See a Lawyer Before You Report Sexual Harassment

The moment you realize you have been sexually harassed at your workplace is when you need to remember that there are specific steps you need to take to protect your rights. According to your employer's policy, it may require you divulge sexual harassment allegations to the department of human resources or managerial employees. This is to hold the employer accountable for harassment. Seeing a lawyer may help you to figure out the right approach to take. A lawyer can also assist you in outlining your description of the sexually harassing conduct. He or she may also help you in case you get nervous about presenting your issue to human resources or a manager about sexual behavior.


What to do if the Company takes no Action

All employers should keep their workplaces free from any sexual harassment. If your company fails to take action, even after presenting evidence, your company may be held legally responsible if the harassment continues. You can talk to your lawyer to help you go to the next step if all attempts to solve the issue through company channels fail.


How a Lawyer can help you Protect Yourself

Sexual harassment lawyers may assist you in many other ways, apart from presenting your harassment issue to the relevant department in your company. Below are some of the other areas your lawyer may be instrumental in protecting you. The lawyer may help you to document the harassment and provide a legal basis for discussing it with your employer. The lawyer will know how to deal with the person or company if the harassment continues You get advice about how to handle future harassment reports. A lawyer may also guide you on how to monitor your employer’s response to your complaint to ensure he/she does not retaliate against you. Dealing with sexual harassment at work can be challenging. A sexually violated employee may be emotionally drained to have a perspective on his or her circumstances required to formulate a solid response. That’s where a lawyer becomes resourceful help you know the right steps to take.



Law forbids employers from retaliating against the employees who expose sexual harassment in the place of work. Revenge may come in many dimensions, such as termination or disciplinary write-ups. For instance, in case your employer excludes you in many activities or projects of the company, a lawyer may analyze those actions to check whether they are retaliatory.


Filing Charges

With the help of sexual harassment, a lawyer can describe the formal measures to take to challenge the harassment. They include filing a charge of discrimination against your employer. The lawyer may also advise the importance and the downside of filing a lawsuit against your employer if you were not satisfied with the response you got regarding a sexual harassment complaint.

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