So, what does a DUI lawyer do?

DUI lawyers represent their clients throughout their case, helping them understand the charges against them and working to achieve positive outcomes in court. These specialists in this field possess considerable expertise when it comes to fighting DUI cases.


They represent their clients in court

DUI lawyers are licensed attorneys that specialize in representing those accused of driving under the influence (DUI). With years of experience defending individuals against this criminal charge, DUI lawyers offer crucial representation and advocacy services for anyone charged with this offense.

Police reports, witness testimony, field sobriety test results, breath test results and laboratory analysis can all be examined in depth by these professionals to challenge the validity of DUI charges; often getting chemical test results thrown out or charges dismissed entirely.

Experienced defense attorneys can also negotiate plea bargains and alternatives to jail for DUI offenders, having years of good will and negotiation expertise that prosecutors often lack. People convicted of DUI can also seek help to have their conviction expunged so as to not affect employment or credit, potentially saving thousands in fines, fees and insurance rates.

A well-versed lawyer specializing in drug-driving cases like one from Faraj is highly skilled at meticulously reviewing and preparing each case, ensuring that their clients are not only well-informed but also positioned in the best possible way before the court.


They represent their clients in pre-trial conferences

Pretrial conferences are an integral part of the DUI court process. At these gatherings, both sides can discuss facts, present legal arguments and make any required pretrial motions.

Pretrial conferences are typically the next step after arraignment. Each county in Pennsylvania has their own set of local procedures for handling these cases during this period.

Before meeting with you in court, your defense attorney should discuss with you which information they should bring with them; this includes police reports, plea offers, or any other pertinent documents that could assist with trial preparation.

At a pre-trial conference, your attorney will negotiate with the prosecutor for a plea deal that best serves your best interests. They may identify loopholes in their case which could help lower or dismiss charges altogether.


They represent their clients in evidentiary hearings

Evidentiary hearings are an integral component of criminal justice proceedings, providing both prosecutors and defense lawyers the chance to present evidence in front of a court which might support either their client's guilt or innocence.

DUI lawyers are experienced attorneys who understand how to use evidence gathered during numerous DUI cases to bolster their client's case and cross-examine witnesses on behalf of their client.

At a DUI trial, both sides present evidence to the jury in order to establish guilt or innocence of defendants charged with driving under the influence (DUI). This can include witness testimony, scientific proof, police reports, blood or breath test results and any physical evidence.

In some DUI cases, lawyers often advise their clients to plead guilty rather than proceeding to trial. This decision depends on several factors including criminal history and potential issues that might sway jurors in their favor.


They represent their clients in trial

As part of their representation at trial, DUI lawyers fight tirelessly for their client's rights during the court process - helping avoid criminal records, fines and suspensions that can have lasting negative repercussions for life and future opportunities.

DUI attorneys may use various strategies to have chemical test results overturned or dismiss charges of DUI altogether - helping their client avoid license suspension, increased auto insurance premiums or jail time.

DUI attorneys have the skills necessary to negotiate successfully with prosecutors, judges, and court staff in order to secure favorable outcomes for their clients. Most cases end in plea bargains but sometimes a case may go to trial. In either situation, DUI attorneys work to minimize the penalties associated with DUI laws.