Assuta Medical Center, located in the Ramat HaHayal neighbourhood of Tel Aviv, Israel, is a renowned private medical centre.


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Assuta Medical Center, located in the Ramat HaHayal neighbourhood of Tel Aviv, Israel, is a renowned private medical centre with a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1936. The centre has established itself as a leading healthcare institution, offering a comprehensive range of surgical and diagnostic procedures across various medical specialties.

As part of Assuta Medical Centers, a private chain owned by Maccabi Healthcare, Assuta operates multiple hospitals and medical centers throughout Israel. The chain comprises four hospitals located in Tel Aviv-Ramat HaChayal, Rishon LeZion, Haifa, and Beersheba. Additionally, there are four medical centers strategically positioned in Ashdod, Tel Aviv HaShalom, Raanana, and Jerusalem, offering outpatient care and equipped with state-of-the-art operating rooms.

One notable addition to Assuta's network is the Assuta Ashdod Hospital, which opened its doors in November 2017. This facility serves the residents of Ashdod and the surrounding areas, catering to the healthcare needs of individuals from all health funds.

As a prominent medical institution, Assuta Medical Centers provides its services to patients through healthcare providers, insurance companies, and medical tourism channels, as well as accepting direct appointments. The centre has become a trusted destination for both domestic and international patients seeking high-quality healthcare.

Assuta Medical Center is particularly renowned for its surgical expertise and is considered the largest surgical hospital in Israel. Approximately 13% of all surgeries performed in Israel take place at Assuta establishments. The centre's surgical capabilities span a wide range of specialities, encompassing over 500 different surgical procedures. Whether it involves the eye, heart, brain, breast, gastroenterology, orthopaedics, gynaecology, urology, or complex surgeries, Assuta is equipped to deliver top-notch medical care.

At Assuta, the commitment to excellence extends beyond surgical services. The centre also offers a wide variety of medical services to cater to the diverse needs of its patients. These services include imaging, mammography, breast healthcare, oncology, cardiac institutions, sleep clinics, as well as dialysis and phototherapy. The imaging institute within Assuta is recognized as the most advanced in Israel, featuring a team of leading radiologists and nuclear medicine specialists. Patients benefit from the latest innovations in imaging technology, including advanced CT and PET-CT scanners, MRI machines, and two-head nuclear imaging cameras.

Assuta Medical Center sets the highest standards for treatment, security, and control in Israel's healthcare landscape. The centre exclusively employs experienced doctors and specialists, ensuring that patients receive personalized and accurate attention throughout their medical journey. Assuta hospitals boast the lowest infection rates among all hospitals in the country, emphasizing their commitment to patient safety.

In terms of technological advancements, Assuta Medical Center remains at the forefront. The centre has extensively revolutionized its technological systems, positioning itself among the leading hospitals worldwide in terms of digital capabilities. These advanced technologies enable Assuta to continuously improve its efficiency and enhance the services it offers to patients.

To ensure a comfortable and pleasant treatment experience, Assuta invests considerably in providing personalized hospitalization plans. Patients benefit from high-level custom treatments and services, creating an environment akin to a luxurious hotel. Assuta's innovative and patient-centric approach is evident in its Ramat


Assuta Medical Center has a rich history that dates back to its founding in 1936 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Driven by the vision of physician Ben-Zion Harel, who later became a Member of Knesset, the hospital started with a staff of 34 doctors and 74 beds. The architectural design of the original building was led by Joseph Neufeld, a prominent advocate of the International Style in Israel.

In 2009, Assuta relocated to a new state-of-the-art facility in Ramat HaHayal, marking a significant milestone in its history. The new building, spanning an impressive 90,000 square meters (970,000 square feet), became the largest private hospital in Israel. The design of the building was a collaboration between Canadian firm Zeidler Partnership Architects and Israeli architectural firms Marcelo Brestovisky and Moore Yasky Sivan. Assuta Medical Center is currently owned by the Maccabi Health Care Services Group.

Today, Assuta Medical Center boasts sixteen operating rooms and holds certification for surgical procedures across all speciality areas. The hospital performs approximately 17,000 operations annually, including complex surgical procedures such as open-heart surgery and neurological interventions. With a cardiac catheterization laboratory, Assuta is equipped to conduct various angiography procedures, including both diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, as well as stent insertions during angioplasty.

The quality and safety standards upheld by Assuta Medical Center have earned it accreditation from the Joint Commission International, an organization dedicated to establishing safety standards for medical care. Assuta is one of seven Israeli hospitals to receive this prestigious accreditation, further affirming its commitment to providing exceptional healthcare.

Recognized as a world leader in in vitro fertilization (IVF), Assuta Hospital's IVF clinic conducts an impressive 7,000 cycles per year. In a study published in 2002 by Human Reproduction Update, it was revealed that Israel led the world in the number of IVF procedures performed per million people per year. Assuta's fertility centre features a laboratory with 25 incubators and houses approximately 60,000 frozen embryos stored in liquid nitrogen. While the IVF procedure is covered by the state at public hospitals, Assuta patients are required to pay a co-payment of approximately $150.

In 2011, Assuta Medical Center secured the tender to build a new medical centre in Ashdod, further expanding its reach and impact. With its four hospitals and four outpatient medical centres across Israel, Assuta continues to provide a wide range of medical services. The services offered in Ashdod include an emergency room housed in a protected structure to withstand missile attacks, internal medicine wards, geriatrics wards, paediatrics wards, a cardiology centre, an oncology institute, and a dialysis institute. In total, these wards will accommodate 105 beds, with an additional 100 beds designated for brief hospitalizations.

Throughout its history, Assuta Medical Center has remained committed to delivering high-quality medical care, embracing technological advancements, and meeting the evolving healthcare needs of the community it serves.


Assuta's mission is to promote health and quality of life in Israel by delivering exceptional medical care and prioritizing the well-being of individuals. The core of their mission lies in respecting each person's dignity, understanding their needs, hopes, and freedom of choice.

With a strong commitment to excellence, Assuta aims to become a model of healthcare excellence in Israel, earning the trust and hope of their patients and their families. They recognize the importance of positioning the individual at the centre of their care and providing a unique healthcare experience that goes beyond traditional medical services.

Central to their mission is the value of quality, professionalism, and excellence. Assuta firmly believes that without a relentless commitment to these values in all aspects of their organization, their medical endeavours would lack a solid foundation and justification.

Assuta upholds professional excellence by assembling highly skilled doctors and professional teams who are dedicated to providing the highest level of medical care. They continuously embrace innovative medical technologies and advanced surgical techniques to ensure optimal treatment outcomes.

In addition to medical excellence, Assuta places great emphasis on service quality. They strive to deliver a superior level of medical and administrative services, fostering a responsive and personalized approach. They respect the needs and desires of their clients, fostering mutual understanding and collaboration throughout the healthcare journey.


Assuta's vision is to be a leader in advancing healthcare in Israel and beyond, striving to transform the way medical care is delivered and experienced. They envision a future where every individual has access to exceptional healthcare services that prioritize their well-being, needs, and aspirations.

At the core of Assuta's vision is a commitment to innovation and progress. They aim to be at the forefront of medical advancements, embracing cutting-edge technologies, and pioneering breakthrough treatments. By constantly pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo, Assuta seeks to redefine healthcare standards and improve patient outcomes.

In line with their vision, Assuta aspires to be a trusted healthcare partner for individuals, families, and communities. They aim to build strong relationships with their patients, based on trust, respect, and open communication. Assuta envisions a healthcare system where patients feel empowered and actively participate in their own care, making informed decisions alongside their healthcare providers.

Assuta's vision extends beyond the boundaries of their medical facilities. They strive to have a positive impact on the overall health and well-being of society. By collaborating with community organizations, educational institutions, and research centers, Assuta aims to contribute to the advancement of public health initiatives, medical education, and scientific knowledge.

Furthermore, Assuta envisions a healthcare landscape that embraces diversity, inclusivity, and cultural sensitivity. They are committed to providing equal access to healthcare services for all individuals, irrespective of their background, ensuring that every patient receives equitable and personalized care.

Through their vision, Assuta aims to inspire and lead the transformation of healthcare, creating a future where medical excellence, patient-centred care, innovation, and social responsibility converge to improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities alike.

Key Team

Gidi Leshetz (CEO)

Hezi Shiri (CFO)

Michal Guindy (Director - RISE: Scaling Healthtech)

Roni Leers (Head of Human Resources)

Daniel Seidman (Co Director)

Elami Hefez (Company Secretary)

Salo Haratz (Head Of Neurology Department)

Orly Bassan (Head of Trade Unit)

Recognition and Awards
Assuta Medical Center has gained recognition for its expertise in fields such as cardiology, oncology, gynaecology, and urology, among others. The excellence and quality of Assuta's operations have been acknowledged through various certifications and awards. Assuta Ramat Hahayal in Tel Aviv is certified for quality and security in medicine by the Joint Commission International (JCI). This recognition further highlights Assuta's dedication to providing exceptional medical care that adheres to international standards.

Products and Services

Assuta Medical Center offers a comprehensive range of institutes and services designed to cater to the diverse healthcare needs of individuals. These institutes and services are staffed by highly skilled professionals and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to provide exceptional care and support. Some of the key institutes and services offered by Assuta are:

Bariatric Center: Assuta's Bariatric Center specializes in the treatment of obesity and offers advanced surgical and non-surgical weight loss solutions. The center provides comprehensive evaluations, personalized treatment plans, and ongoing support to help individuals achieve their weight loss goals and improve their overall health.

Assuta RELAX – Recovery Center: This center provides a tranquil and soothing environment where patients can recover and rejuvenate after undergoing medical procedures or surgeries. The center offers a range of wellness services, including relaxation therapies, rehabilitation programs, and post-operative care, ensuring a comfortable and smooth recovery process.

Assuta Superm Sperm Bank: The Superm Sperm Bank at Assuta is a cutting-edge facility that offers sperm freezing and storage services. It provides a secure and confidential environment for individuals and couples who wish to preserve their fertility for future family planning purposes.

Oncology Institute: Assuta's Oncology Institute specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of various forms of cancer. The institute brings together a multidisciplinary team of oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, and other specialists to provide comprehensive cancer care, including advanced therapies, surgical interventions, and supportive services.

Surgery Institute: Assuta's Surgery Institute is renowned for its expertise in performing a wide range of surgical procedures across various medical specialties. The institute's highly skilled surgeons utilize the latest surgical techniques and technologies to ensure optimal outcomes for patients requiring both routine and complex surgeries.

Physiotherapy Center Assuta REACTION: This center offers comprehensive physiotherapy services to help individuals recover from injuries, manage chronic conditions, and improve their physical well-being. The center's experienced physiotherapists design personalized treatment plans and utilize a range of therapeutic modalities to enhance mobility, alleviate pain, and improve overall functional abilities.

Assuta IVF: Assuta's IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) unit is a leading fertility center that offers advanced reproductive technologies and treatments. The center's experienced fertility specialists provide personalized care and support to couples facing fertility challenges, including fertility assessments, assisted reproductive techniques, and fertility preservation options.

Imaging Institute: Assuta's Imaging Institute is equipped with state-of-the-art imaging technology, including advanced CT and PET-CT scanners, MRI machines, and nuclear imaging cameras. The institute's team of radiologists and nuclear medicine specialists perform a wide range of diagnostic imaging procedures to aid in the accurate diagnosis and monitoring of various medical conditions.

Heart Institute: Assuta's Heart Institute specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The institute offers comprehensive cardiac care services, including diagnostic testing, interventional procedures, cardiac surgeries, and cardiac rehabilitation programs, ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients with heart-related conditions.

Assuta Experts Center: The Experts Center at Assuta brings together renowned medical experts and opinion leaders across various specialties. It serves as a hub for consultation, second opinions, and collaborative decision-making, allowing patients to access the expertise and insights of leading physicians to guide their treatment plans.

Genetic Consultancy Clinic: Assuta's Genetic Consultancy Clinic provides comprehensive genetic counselling services to individuals and families at risk of or affected by genetic disorders. The clinic's genetic counselors offer expert guidance, information, and support, empowering individuals to make informed decisions regarding genetic testing, family planning, and disease management.

The Center for Genetics and Personalized Medicine: This center focuses on the emerging field of personalized medicine, which utilizes an individual's genetic information to

Leadership team

Gidi Leshetz (CEO)

Hezi Shiri (CFO)


Pharma and Life Sciences

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