MetaKapsule is a platform that integrates different digital systems into a single platform, making it easier for companies to gain insights into their operations, automate their processes, and develop new services and products faster than ever before.


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MetaKapsule is a community of Metaverse experts who aim to bridge the physical and digital worlds using web 3.0. They focus on "Edutainment," which combines education and entertainment to create engaging and informative experiences for users. This approach is particularly relevant for B2B enterprises looking to future-proof their customer engagement strategies. By offering a variety of experience venues, MetaKapsule allows customers to choose the specific experience that suits their needs, rather than imposing a one-size-fits-all solution. This makes customer engagement more efficient and effective, which is crucial in today's fast-paced digital environment.

One of the key advantages of MetaKapsule is its ability to integrate different digital systems into a single platform. This not only reduces the cost and complexity of managing multiple systems, but it also provides companies with a unified view of their data and processes. This makes it easier for them to gain insights into their operations, automate their processes, and develop new services and products faster than ever before. Additionally, MetaKapsule helps companies to manage their data more effectively, ensuring that their information remains secure and compliant with applicable regulations.

MetaKapsule's strategic and key partners include Megavrse, Kabuni, Hotel NFT, BrandPortunity, Altava Group, metaprop, Olivex, Ayana Holding, GM Research and Advisory, MegaBrainX, Slayers, Earth Hotels, and INHOCO.


MetaKapsule is a new and innovative company that has emerged in the rapidly evolving world of metaverse and blockchain technology. The company was founded by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and technologists, under the leadership of Moh Blekhodja, sharing a common vision of creating a digital universe that is both immersive and inclusive, where people from all over the world can connect, socialize, learn, and transact in a secure and decentralized environment.

The MetaKapsule project started in early 2021 with the goal of building a metaverse platform that offers a wide range of services and features to users, including virtual real estate, digital art, exclusive events, digital experts, and more. The team started by conducting extensive research on the latest trends and technologies in the blockchain and metaverse space, and they also collaborated with leading experts and advisors in the field to gain insights and guidance.

After several months of planning, development, and testing, MetaKapsule launched its first product, the Digital Real Estate Kapsule, in August 2021. This innovative platform enables users to purchase virtual land parcels in the Megaverse, which are programmable spaces that can be customized and monetized using blockchain and NFT technology. Users can create their own virtual experiences, such as games, social events, virtual concerts, and more, and monetize them by charging for access or trading their NFTs.

Building on the success of the Digital Real Estate Kapsule, MetaKapsule has since launched several other products, including the Exclusive Kapsule Events, Atelier Kapsule, and Digital Experts Kapsule. These products offer a wide range of services and features, such as weekly/monthly networking events, digital art exhibitions and projects, crypto and blockchain advisory services, and more.

Today, MetaKapsule is one of the leading companies in the metaverse and blockchain space, with a growing community of users, partners, and supporters. The company is constantly innovating and exploring new opportunities to create value and drive growth in the emerging digital economy, and it is poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of the metaverse and blockchain technology.


The mission of MetaKapsule is to build a digitally trusted world. This means creating an environment in which individuals and organizations can securely and confidently operate in the digital space, without fear of fraud, hacking, or other malicious activities.

 MetaKapsule aims to achieve this by leveraging the power of the Metaverse and other advanced digital technologies to create a more secure, efficient, and collaborative business environment. 

By promoting collaboration and partnership between companies and customers, MetaKapsule hopes to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds, creating a more seamless and integrated global community. Ultimately, the goal of MetaKapsule is to help companies future-proof their customer engagement strategies and build a better, more sustainable future for all.


The vision of MetaKapsule is to lead the way in the digital transformation era and the decentralized hospitality industry. The company aims to create an efficient META community that brings together like-minded individuals and organizations to collaborate and build a better future. 

By doing so, MetaKapsule envisions a world where the META community is able to leverage the power of digital technologies to create meaningful connections and experiences that improve the lives of people around the globe.

Key Team

Moh Belkhodja (Founder (Initiator))

Recognition and Awards
Launching the first-ever virtual art gallery in the Metaverse: In collaboration with V-ART, MetaKapsule launched the first-ever virtual art gallery in the Metaverse, offering an immersive experience for collectors to view and purchase digital art. Establishing partnerships with industry leaders: MetaKapsule has formed partnerships with leading companies in the Metaverse industry, such as Sensorium Galaxy and Altava Group, to provide a wide range of services to its users. Developing a diverse range of Kapsules: MetaKapsule has developed a diverse range of Kapsules, each with a unique focus and purpose. These Kapsules include Real Estate, Exclusive Events, Atelier, Digital Experts, and more. Hosting successful events: MetaKapsule has organized and hosted successful events, such as the launch event of the Real Estate Kapsule, which attracted significant attention and interest from the Metaverse community. NFT Marketplace: MetaKapsule is working on developing an NFT marketplace, where creators and users can trade their NFTs in a secure and reliable platform.

Products and Services

MetaKapsule is based on pillars: Kids, Megavrse, Hospitality, Digital Experts, Atelier, Events, Real Estate.

Megavrse: Megaverse is a metaverse infrastructure platform using the latest technology alongside in-house developed innovative solutions to provide a hyper-realistic experience for our community of users and provide a new universe of possibilities where users can own land, buy or rent the villa of their dreams, ride helicopters and fly like a bird, as well as play games.

KIDS KAPSULE BY KABUNI: Providing the safest place in the Metaverse for children to learn, grow and explore both within a classroom environment and at home. Deliver a safe, trusted, and fun Metaverse learning experience for children.

Hospitality Kapsule is a new form of hospitality that connects partners via brands, operators, Hotel NFTs, collectors, and travelers built on the Web 3.0 protocol.

Real Estate Kapsule by Ayana Holding: Ayana Holding is a company that specializes in building a network of powerful businesses on a global scale. One of their ventures is virtual real estate, which offers programmable spaces in the Metaverse for socializing, gaming, attending events, and more. Creators can monetize their property by charging for access or trading their NFTs.

Exclusive Kapsule Events is a part of Sensorium Galaxy's plan to create a community of Very Important Kapsulers (VIKs) by organizing regular networking events that connect business people and create business opportunities. Sensorium Galaxy is a digital Metaverse that includes a Halo, a many-worlds space, and three celestial bodies that feed it with cosmic energies. Participants complete their Digital Evolution and gain Digital Immortality by passing the activation program in the digital metaverse.

Atelier Kapsule offers a platform for digital art and fashion tech. V-ART provides a platform to experience, collect, and sell digital art through its products such as exhibitions, AR/VR galleries, and V-art ap. Altava Group brings brands into the metaverse and offers virtual spaces to showcase their digitized collections in a branded and fully customizable environment. Through its advanced technological capabilities and vast network within the fashion industry, Altava Group strives to make the exclusive world of fashion more accessible and inclusive, allowing for seamless integration between physical and virtual experiences.


Leadership team

Media and Communications

Products/ Services
Kids Capsule, Megavrse, Hospitality Kapsule, Real Estate Kapsule, Events Kapsule, Atelier Kapsule, Digital Experts Kapsule
Number of Employees
0 - 50
Company Type
Private company limited by shares or Ltd
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