Aistetic is a 3D modelling platform that provides a B2B SaaS solution for accessing accurate body measurements and photorealistic avatars on mobile devices for retail, fitness, and healthcare industries.



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Aistetic is a next-generation 3D body modelling platform that offers innovative solutions to online clothing retailers, fitness, weight loss, and digital healthcare providers. With its state-of-the-art technology, Aistetic aims to revolutionise the online shopping experience by providing highly accurate measurements through 3D body scans, reducing returns, and eliminating over-production of clothing, thus encouraging sustainable fashion development and size inclusivity.

Aistetic's first product is designed specifically for online clothing retailers, helping them increase conversion rates by up to 30% and reduce return rates by up to 30%. The platform's AI algorithm learns from returns of other users with similar body measurements, providing accurate size recommendations to customers and reducing the need for trial and error in sizing. This not only enhances the overall shopping experience for customers but also helps retailers lower excess inventory and clothing wastage.

In addition to its focus on sustainability, Aistetic has also forged partnerships with renowned institutions such as the University of Oxford, Innovate UK, OxLep, 5pring, and the University of Edinburgh AI Accelerator, among others. These collaborations highlight Aistetic's commitment to leveraging cutting-edge research and innovation in its quest to make 3D body measurements accessible to everyone, anytime and anywhere, using mobile devices.


Aistetic's story began when its founder, Duncan McKay, while living in Italy, struggled to find clothes that fit. This experience led to the idea of virtual body measurements that could make online shopping easier and more accurate for everyone. With this vision in mind, Aistetic was founded as a B2B SaaS platform, aimed at bringing next-gen body modelling to retail, fitness, and healthcare industries. The company's goal was to make accurate 3D body measurements available to anyone with a mobile device, eventually enabling users to create photorealistic avatars.

Aistetic's initial market focus was on the UK, with the online clothing market worth £221B and a target market of £11.6B. The company's solution aimed to address the issue of returns, with UK Clothing Returns Cost Saving of £490M. While other startups such as True Fit and Fit Analytics offered data-driven algorithms, Aistetic's differentiation was the use of deep learning computer vision for accuracy and an immersive shopping experience. Its business model was B2B, offering clothing retailers software as a service with a monthly recurring licensing fee after an initial set-up cost.

The company aimed to achieve a year 5 Net Revenue of £8.8M, and after an initial focus in the UK, it planned to roll out to retailers in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the US. Seeking investment, mentoring, and collaboration, Aistetic was looking to raise £180,000 (SEIS/EIS) to commercialize the technology. With the right support, the company aimed to become an £18m revenue business in just 12 months from idea to in-market.


The mission of Aistetic is to be the leading 3D body modelling platform that makes accurate body measurements accessible to everyone from their mobile devices anytime and anywhere. The company uses emerging technologies to ensure they are integrated and used across various platforms in retail, fitness, healthcare, and the metaverse within the next five years. 

Aistetic's focus is on reducing the environmental and financial costs of clothes that don't fit by providing a software solution that is simple and convenient for shoppers, eliminating the need for multiple size orders, returns, and wasted inventory. It aims to encourage sustainable fashion development and size inclusivity while reducing material wastage, carbon footprint, and promoting eco-friendly practices in the apparel industry. 


The vision of Aistetic is to revolutionize the way people interact with their bodies and the clothes they wear by providing a cutting-edge 3D body modeling platform that can be accessed from mobile devices. Aistetic wants to be the leading platform in this space, constantly pushing the boundaries with emerging technologies and staying ahead of the curve, particularly with the approaching Metaverse.

Aistetic's vision extends beyond just the online clothes market, with a goal of integrating its solution across various industries such as retail, fitness, healthcare, and the Metaverse within the next five years. The company wants to make 3D body measurements accessible to everyone from anywhere and at any time, in a sustainable manner that reduces material wastage, carbon footprint, and encourages eco-friendly practices in the apparel industry.

Key Team

Duncan McKay (Founder & CEO)

Phil Torr (Founder & Chief Technologist)

Dizhong Zhu (Tech Leader)

Joshua Chinemezu (Software Engineer)

Rohit Malhotra (Sales VP)

Will Smith (Adviser)

Philip Owen (Finance & Accounting)

Richard Lloyd-Williams (Adviser)

Recognition and Awards
Aistetic, a 3D body modelling platform from mobile devices, has achieved several notable milestones in its quest to revolutionize the online clothing market. The company's founder, Duncan, has received a Chairman's Award from PepsiCo and was previously Head of Ecommerce for Pepsi Lipton across Europe, highlighting his expertise in the industry. Aistetic's target market is the UK clothing market, worth £11.6B, with a focus on servicing the market for returns, which is estimated to save £490M. Competitors in the industry include new startups such as True Fit and Fit Analytics, who provide data-driven algorithms without a visual component. Aistetic differentiates itself by using deep learning computer vision for accuracy and an immersive shopping experience. The company's business model is a B2B offering that provides clothing retailers with software as a service, with a monthly recurring licensing fee after an initial set-up cost. Aistetic aims to achieve a net revenue of £8.8M in the fifth year, with plans to expand to retailers in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the US.

Products and Services

Aistetic provides a software solution for retailers that allows shoppers to make 3D body measurements from their mobile devices. This solution aims to reduce the high return rates for clothes ordered online that do not fit, which costs retailers financially and has a negative environmental impact. Aistetic's technology makes it easy and convenient for shoppers to accurately measure themselves and get recommendations for clothing sizes that fit them best. This, in turn, helps retailers reduce the number of returns they process and lowers their carbon footprint.

Aistetic's software solution is also designed to be used in various other industries, including healthcare, fitness, and the metaverse. The company's vision is to become the leading 3D body modeling platform from mobile devices, and it aims to stay ahead of the curve by keeping up with emerging technologies. In addition, Aistetic is committed to encouraging eco-friendly practices in the apparel industry and reducing material wastage and carbon footprint.

Leadership team

Phil Torr (Founder & Chief Technologist)

Dizhong Zhu (Tech Leader)

Joshua Chinemezu (Software Engineer)



Products/ Services
Information technology and services, mobile-based 3D body measurements
Number of Employees
0 - 50
Oxford, GB
Company Type
Private company limited by shares or Ltd
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