Alessandro Zamboni

Alessandro Zamboni is the Chief Executive Officer at Supply ME Capital plc.

Alessandro Zamboni is the founder of the AvantGarde Group fintech hub, the main shareholder of Supply@ME Capital plc and co-founder of Assofintech (Italian fintech association). 

Alessandro is a specialist in digital, legal binding technologies (distributed ledger, electronic signatures).


Alessandro is a director specialised in the Financial Services Industry and related strategic and digital models. Alessandro has 18 years of experience in internal governance, regulatory and enterprise risk management systems (Basel IV, Solvency II) for Banks and Insurance Companies. Alessandro is the Co-founder of DevoLab: a think tank group of SDA Bocconi (School of Management – Milan) focused on innovation and exponential technologies.

After a brief period of work in L’Oréal in the strategic and operational marketing function, he joined several management consulting companies specialized in Regulatory & Internal Controls for Banks and Insurance. In 2014 he founded the AvantGarde Group (Supply@ME’s Parent Company.

About Supply@Me Capital PLC

Supply@ME Capital plc operates a fintech platform that provides inventory monetization services to manufacturing and trading companies in Europe. The company is headquartered in London, the United Kingdom. Supply@ME Capital plc was formerly a subsidiary of The AvantGarde Group.

Supply@Me Capital PLC operates as a fintech company. The Company offers inventory monetization services to companies, as well as its alternative fintech platform focuses on inventory monetization which offers a range of manufacturing and trading businesses the means to release capital against the value of inventory. Supply@Me Capital serves customers worldwide.


Under Mr Zamboni’s leadership, there was an important updated assessment of Supply@Me compared to that of mid-2019 is due to the fact that in the meantime 

“the company has originated contracts with client companies for the disposal of the warehouse for a total total of over 900 million euros and that it is three-year contracts, which offer investors of securitization notes a more competitive yield range than financial products existing on the market in the context of working capital”, 

Mr. Zamboni explained to BeBeez, adding that 

“in the meantime we are signing agreements with institutional investors” and that “we have invested more than 1.5 million euros in legal fees to have a bullet proof structure and be operational from this year “. And Mr. Zamboni added: 

“In April, we will bring our first issue on the market for a value greater than 250 million euros, which will be placed by an important UK operator with which we have an agreement for a total of one billion euros of issues distributed in four tranches and we have a target of 3.5 billion euros in 2023 “.

Recognition and Awards
Supply@Me Capital plc was listed on the main list of the London Stock Exchange on Monday 23 March, 2020, with a capitalization of 227.5 million pounds and a free float of 26%, following the reverse merger between the Italian scaleup fintech Supply @ Me srl and Abal Group, a so-called cash-shell company, which until the beginning of February was listed on the Aim market in London and which will be renamed precisely Supply@ Me Capital.

Alessandro Zamboni
Milan, Lombardy, Italy
Chief Executive Officer at Supply@ME Capital plc
University of Turin
Social Media
Thu Feb 29 2024

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