Allan Pedersen

CEO of Monetalis

Allan Pedersen is a FinTech private equity investor, global business strategist, and serial entrepreneur, who has been making a significant impact in the fintech and insurtech markets with his innovative and out-of-the-box approach. He is now the CEO of Motanelis Group.

Allan is an M.Sc. in Economics and Finance from Aarhus University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He holds certifications in emergent technologies like blockchain technology, cloud management, decentralised finance, and distributed technology from AWS, IBM, UCL, Duke University, INSEAD, and the University of Virginia.

As a founder, he collaborated in the establishment of EQ Group, Urzus Group, ZENSUR.IO, and Triple P Capital.

Allan has been the Chairman of the Board at Contemi Solutions, where he played a vital role in completing and integrating three FinTech acquisitions. He was also a board member of INTELLICARE - ASALUS CORPORATION, and Stonestep AG.

As an Advisor to Samsung Group, he strategically led the financial services companies principally toward M&A and JV. 


Allan did his M.Sc. in Economics and Finance from Aarhus University, Denmark. He, then, joined Danske Bank in 1995. 

After his MBA from Harvard Business School in 2001, he joined Samsung Global Strategy Group, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea as a Global Strategist. He advised Samsung Group's financial services companies principally on strategies, M&As, and JVs.

In 2004, he co-founded EQ Group, Singapore, where he advised Asia Pacific insurers on M&A, JVs, strategy, distribution, and product development.

Allan joined Texas Pacific Group, Singapore in 2005, participating in and originating insurance-related transactions across the deal cycle. He co-founded Urzus Group, an insurance company focused on acquiring customers via aggregators, in 2007. Later, he became the Board Member and CEO of its Asia region. Here, he established a set of four more companies including a legal assistance business. In 2013, the firm sold its Scandinavian group of businesses to a consortium of family offices.

In 2013, Allan founded ZENSUR.IO, a location solution with a unique SDK and a cloud-based analytic platform. He partnered with map providers, online radio, and other apps in China to integrate the SDK. In 2015, he sold the business to an IT provider with a broad portfolio of IT solutions for Asian insurers.

He co-founded Triple P in 2014 and led transactions in Insurance and FinTech. He took the lead in growing a financial services SaaS Solutions provider: Contemi Group, Singapore, where he was later appointed as the Working Chairman of the Board. 

Allan was also appointed as the Board Member of Intellicare- ASALUS Corporation to help professionalise the board in 2017.  Following the sale of Intellicare to Fullerton Financial Holdings: an Asian healthcare group in 2018, he made his exit from it.

In January 2021, he joined YesGrowth Ltd., a FinTech group operating and rapidly scaling several lending businesses, as the CEO. He is also currently serving as the Advisor to the Board for Stonestep AG, Switzerland, and is the Venture Partner at CVX Ventures, Scotland.

Allan founded Monetalis in September 2021 and is now hard at work productively tying together TradFi and DeFi markets. 


Allan is passionate about interesting entrepreneurial activities and investing. For over 20 years, he has focussed to increasing his network to find the discontinuities in financial systems and how new technologies can fit in to make dramatic changes.

He believes in power of networking and building an effective community. In a recent interview with Dinis Guarda, he said:

“It can be hard for you to build a lot of things from scratch as an entrepreneur in financial services. It's a regulated activity, and since you want to innovate, you will have to worry about other things like licences, capital and so on. Therefore, finding a right partner in financial services gives you a great stepping stone in realising that innovation.”

His current focus is to create an intersection of traditional finance and decentralised finance (DeFi) to create innovative financial solutions. 

“At some point, we belive DeFi and TradFi should really not be separate. The two financial markets should be integrated. Blockchain should be the underlying technology for the large scale of transactions that are happening in the world, if the technology is to have true value. We, Monetalis, are trying to set up the legal, technical, and financial strategies behind how can assets in TradFi help underpin the stability and the growth of the DAO Currency. Many Traditional financial bodies are interested in working in this integrated space. Our first step has been the deployment in the US Treasury, but we will expand further", he said in the interview.

Recognition and Awards
Allan established Monetalis, a financer of Green Economy growth. To put this into practice, Monetalis website states: "We are in the process of becoming signatory and pledgee to several best practice principles on Green Economy lending." Monetalis executes Green Economy lending through its lending partners. MakerDAO is an application to take this mission forward, in collaboration with some of the experts in finance and economy.

Allan Pedersen
St. Andrews, U.K.
FinTech private equity investor, global business strategist, and serial entrepreneur
Known for
MakerDAO app
M.Sc. (Economics and Finance, Aarhus University), MBA (Harvard Business School)
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Wed Apr 24 2024

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