Anthony James Phillipson

Renowned for his expertise in architecture, real estate development, and consultancy. His architectural designs are admired for their combination of aesthetics and functionality, elevating the built environment.

Anthony Phillipson is an architect and development consultant. He holds a Diploma in Architecture from Canterbury in the UK. He began his career at TRIAD architects.planners in London, where he eventually became a senior associate. He also established and managed TRIAD's Caribbean office. After returning to the UK, he joined the Mannai Investment Company as Development Director, overseeing projects in various locations. 

Later, he formed his own company, specializing in development consultancy in Turkey and the Caucasus. He took a sabbatical to serve as General Manager of the Rahmi M. Koç Museum in Istanbul, contributing to its expansion and the opening of its sister branch in Ankara. He then returned to the real estate sector, serving as CEO of a property company in Tbilisi, Georgia, and later becoming a founding partner of FYP Project Development Marketing Sales, a property consultancy in Istanbul. He was born in Nairobi and currently resides in Istanbul with his wife and daughter.


Tony Phillipson is an accomplished architect and development consultant with a wealth of experience in the field. While I don't have access to specific personal details about Tony Phillipson's biography, I can provide a general overview based on the information you previously provided.

Tony Phillipson began his career in London, working with the international firm of TRIAD architects.planners. During his time there, he gained valuable experience and rose to the position of senior associate. He also played a crucial role in establishing and managing TRIAD's Caribbean office, where he worked for several years.

Following his tenure at TRIAD, Phillipson joined the Mannai Investment Company as the Development Director. In this role, he oversaw a wide range of projects spanning from Barbados to Turkey, contributing to his expertise in various aspects of real estate development.

After his experience at Mannai, Tony Phillipson ventured into entrepreneurship and established his own development consultancy, specializing in projects in Turkey and the Caucasus region. This allowed him to provide development advice to major local and international developers across multiple sectors, including residential, commercial, leisure, mixed-use, and cultural projects.

In 2001, Phillipson took on an exciting opportunity as the Director of the Rahmi M. Koç Museum in Istanbul. During his time there, he led significant expansions of the museum and played a pivotal role in the opening of its sister branch in Ankara. His contributions helped further the cultural landscape in Istanbul and beyond.

In 2008, Tony Phillipson returned to the real estate sector, initially serving as the CEO of a major property company in Tbilisi, Georgia. Later on, he became a founding partner in FYP Project Development Marketing Sales, an established property consultancy based in Istanbul.

Beyond his involvement in the real estate industry, Phillipson founded a specialist consultancy called Mee! Entertainment. This consultancy focuses on enhancing the retail sector by adding innovative elements of leisure, food and beverage, and culture to property developments.

Tony Phillipson's accomplishments and diverse experiences have contributed to his reputation as a knowledgeable and influential figure in the architectural and development fields. While specific details about his personal life may not be available, his professional journey showcases his expertise and contributions to the industry.


Tony's vision extends beyond traditional real estate. He founded Mee! Entertainment is a specialist consultancy focusing on enhancing the retail sector through innovative leisure, food and beverage, and cultural elements. This demonstrates his dedication to creating spaces that not only serve practical purposes but also enrich the lives of those who interact with them.

Throughout his journey, Tony Phillipson emphasizes collaboration and partnerships. By working closely with clients, stakeholders, and industry professionals, he aims to create multidisciplinary solutions that address complex challenges and deliver successful projects.


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Anthony James Phillipson
Istanbul, Turkey
Board Member of The British Chamber of Commerce Turkey
Diploma in Architecture from the School of Architecture at Canterbury College of Art, now known as the University for the Creative Arts
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Sat Mar 02 2024

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