Antonio Santos

Antonio Santos is an influencer and social media evangelist.

Antonio Santos is an Influencer, Global Tech Ambassador and Social Media Business Evangelist. He currently holds the position of Community Manager at Atos. Trained as a sociologist, Antonio Santos has been working with the likes of Siemens and TalentCulture. 

As a serial entrepreneur, he has co-founded six startups. Antonio is involved in projects related to digital transformation, the future of work, diversity and inclusion focused on sustainability.


Antonio Santos defines himself as an “innovation broker, who recognizes opportunities that link tech, ideas, and people through networking.” He regularly collaborates with Siemens and he is a member of their Influencer/Challengers program. Design thinking with a work out loud approach to social media and business networking. 

Antonio provides digital consultancy across the different sectors of the organization specializing in Business Intelligence, Customer Experience, Social Business, Social Media Analytics, and Profiles. Likewise, Mr Santos has extensive experience with Global Organisations, social enterprise technology, digital transformation, and transition projects, building teams in multicultural work environments around the world, to achieve high levels of performance, customer satisfaction.


Antonio is also a great believer that technology can be utilized to accommodate a large range of employees with different needs with the purpose of improving their overall employee experience. Furthermore, he imagines that technology and the modern workplace will be strongly linked together in the future of work. As he explained there are some key factors to stay relevant in the modern workplace: 

“Stay flexible, adapt to change, develop your skills, appreciate diversity, keep up-to-date, brand yourself, make connections, be on the vanguard and follow your passion.” 

As an expert in Social Media and being an influencer and global thought leader himself, Antonio has become a Tech Ambassador from where he tells the world about Digital Inclusion, Social Media Engagement, Diversity, Future of Work, and Social Business. He is also a leading social media influencer on Augmented Reality, Connected Home, and Security.

Recognition and Awards
As a social entrepreneur, Antonio co-founded six startups and he is currently involved in projects that include the Internet of Things, Coworking, Accessibility, and Digital Inclusion. He is the leading social media influencer on Digital Transformation, Accessibility and Digital Inclusion, Future of Work, Augmented Reality, Connected Home, and Security, source: Onalytica Report.

Antonio Santos
Community manager, tech ambassador, influencer
Sociology, Universidade Moderna de Lisboa
Social Media
Fri Mar 01 2024

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