Arianna Simpson

Arianna Simpson is the founder and managing director of Autonomous Partners; a venture partner at Crystal Towers Capital; General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

Arianna Simpson is a prominent figure in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. She is the founder and managing director of Autonomous Partners, a fund that invests in digital assets. Additionally, she has worked at Facebook and BitGo, and serves as a venture partner at Crystal Towers Capital. She is also an Independent Advisory Board Member at Blockstack PBC and is known for speaking and writing about technology-related topics, with a particular focus on Bitcoin. In 2020, she joined Andreessen Horowitz as a deal partner.


Arianna Simpson is an accomplished entrepreneur and investor who has made significant contributions to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry over the years. She started her career in 2007 as a product manager at BitGo, a leading provider of Bitcoin security solutions, where she helped develop and launch the company's institutional custody product. In 2011, she joined Facebook, where she specialized in ad targeting and measurement, before leaving the company in 2013.

In 2014, Simpson founded her own venture, called Autonomous Partners, a fund that focuses on digital assets. As the founder and managing director, she has led the fund to invest in a diverse portfolio of promising blockchain startups, positioning them at the forefront of the rapidly evolving industry. Her experience and expertise in the field have been recognized by many, including Andreessen Horowitz, where she joined as a deal partner in 2020.

Prior to her work at Autonomous Partners, Simpson also served as a venture partner at Crystal Towers Capital, where she gained valuable experience in the venture capital field. During her time there, she honed her skills in due diligence and portfolio management, developing a keen eye for identifying potential investments.

Simpson is also an Independent Advisory Board Member at Blockstack PBC, a leading developer of decentralized applications. She has been a vocal advocate for the broader adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, frequently writing and speaking on the topic and sharing her insights and perspective on the future of finance and decentralized systems.

Throughout her career, Simpson has been recognized for her exceptional work and insight in the tech industry. She has been featured in various publications, including Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, and has received numerous awards for her contributions to the field. With her extensive background and knowledge, Simpson continues to shape the future of the digital asset space.


Arianna Simpson's vision for the future of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is one of greater adoption and mainstream acceptance. She believes that these technologies have the potential to revolutionize the financial system by making it more transparent, secure, and accessible to all. Simpson envisions a future where decentralized systems will disrupt traditional finance, making it more efficient, cheaper, and accessible to everyone. She also sees a future where blockchain technology will be used in other industries, such as healthcare and logistics, to improve transparency, security, and efficiency. With her extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, Simpson is committed to advancing the adoption and development of these technologies and believes that the blockchain industry has a bright and exciting future ahead.

Recognition and Awards
Simpson has been featured in various media outlets, including Forbes, Fortune, and The Wall Street Journal, where she has shared her insights and perspectives on the future of decentralized systems and cryptocurrencies. In 2018, she was named one of Fortune's "40 Under 40" in the finance industry, which recognizes young innovators and entrepreneurs who are making a significant impact in their respective fields. Additionally, Simpson has been a speaker and panelist at many industry conferences, further demonstrating her thought leadership and expertise in the field.

Arianna Simpson
New York, New York, United States
Founder and Managing Director of Autonomous Partners,
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BitGo | Autonomous Partners | Andreessen Horowitz
40 Under 40 (Fortune, 2021)
Pennsylvania State University, Schreyer Honors College BA International Politics, Spanish
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Fri Mar 01 2024

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