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Arjun Khanna is one of India's leading and avant-garde fashion labels. Over the last three decades, the designer has revolutionised men's fashion with intricate detailing, impeccable tailoring and opulent design. Because the couturier is convinced that clothes are an extension of one's expression, experience and personality.


From an early age, Arjun Khanna’s textbooks were filled with doodles of collars, cuff, women’s faces and so on. Who knew that these doodles would later translate into stylish fashion illustrations and pave the way to the luxury menswear brand it is today?

A graduate from London, Arjun Khanna established his label in 1990. Today he is considered one of the leading menswear designers in India and believes that clothes should be beautiful, classic and wearable. The label has a trademark of exquisite embroidery, fine finish and clean contemporary styling, which ensure that his garments become classics. “I feel that we have evolved slowly and steadily – men today are willing to experiment with cuts and colour too. Men are far more in shape, and there’s less of a herd mentality — they want to stand out and be different and unique. There is attention to grooming and fitness, so this helps the designer as well" he told Man's World. 

Arjun Khanna's silhouettes are textured, hand embroidered and appliquéd on fine fabrics velvet, cotton, silk and brocade and yet it is affordable for the modern working man. Clothes that are reminiscent of antique India yet retain a contemporary style. Always considered avant-garde in his vision, Arjun Khanna's clientele comprise a cross section of people from leading industrialists, film and theatre personalities to celebrities from all walks of life. What's more, Hollywood megastar Will Smith wore the designer’s outfits on his visit to Mumbai in 2006.

“If I had to describe my style right now, it would be relaxed and comfortable, with a hint of vintage all put together” he tells GQ. "Also denim has been a recent favourite with a lot of accessories.?I have never been a fan of anti-fit clothes; immaculate tailoring has always been the most important factor for me but I’m beginning to two see both sides of the story."

Over the last three decades, Arjun Khanna has played a vital role in defining men's fashion in India. A non-conformist- he brings something entirely new to masculine style with each collection. Timeless with a twist a mix of rock sensibility and old-school savoir-faire. His passion for vintage precision extends beyond fashion. He has spent the better part of his life collecting antique curios and classic bikes. With a sensibility for dressing spaces as evidenced by his flagship store, his home and select interior projects.. Arjun Khanna is now looking forward to exploring this talent along with other integral facets of the brand.

In 2009, he was the only Indian designer that was requested to work with iconic motorcycle brand Harley Davidson for their launch to India. Interestingly Arjun Khanna's boutique in South Mumbai is grandiose and reflects his personality and design aesthetic to a T. Per StirWorld: "From the 1960s fin tail Mercedes grill to her mom’s vintage clothes trunks and his grandfather’s antique cameras, the walls are solid structural testaments to their history as both, individuals as well as a design label… To one side, along the length of the wall, hang his designs. Behind him, the changing rooms sit smart with their denim detailing. A vintage bike occupies a strategic corner below the suspended staircase that leads up to the mezzanine that houses a small pantry and what is Shefali’s office."

Arjun Khanna’s latest initiative is an offbeat lifestyle-themed boutique cleverly titled Vespa Rodriguez in Assagao- North Goa. Per Indian Express: '“I was at the end of my tether with life in a city, I craved for the outdoors…" It's a very creative existence and Khanna wants to start restoring furniture and some more old bikes too.'


From couturier to vintage curator, fashion designer Arjun Khanna is sure to have an indelible influence on every discerning man. His passion for vintage precision has been finely woven into the fabric of his mood boards and subsequently a hallmark of the Indian fashion industry.


In the designer’s own words: "On the international runway, there’s a lot of deconstruction and oversized clothing happening, which really isn’t my philosophy. I stick to my style which is impeccable tailoring with a twist and lots of textured detailing and construction. I play with many contradicting fabrics and textiles and put them together, which is my edge and has become my forte of sorts. The mastering of fine tailoring and understanding the male body is needed to achieve this."

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Arjun Khanna (Founder)

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Arjun Khanna is acclaimed for transforming men's fashion in India with edgy contemporary silhouettes made using fine fabrics- sleek cuts and rich detailing.

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Arjun Khanna retails menswear for all occasions including suits, shirts and bandhgalas, kurtas and sherwanis. He is most popular for Airmen Collective, a sixteen-piece collection of denim and camouflage jackets stamped with Lola Bunny and military patchwork that would be the pride of any rock 'n' roll or army fan's wardrobe.

Arjun Khanna
Leadership team

Arjun Khanna (Founder)


Fashion and Textiles

Products/ Services
Arjun Khanna retails menswear for all occasions including suits, shirts and bandhgalas, kurtas and sherwanis.
2nd floor, 10, Rope Walk Ln, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001
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