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ASD Sportlab is a dynamic Italian sports association dedicated to promoting physical activity, fostering athletic development, and building a healthier, more active community through event organization, athlete support, and community engagement.


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ASD Sportlab is an Italian sports association founded in 2002 with a mission to promote sports and active lifestyles within the community, offering a wide range of services including event organization, athlete development through the Sportlab Running Team, community engagement programs, timing services, and affiliations with Fidal and CONI, all with a focus on enhancing the well-being of individuals and strengthening the local sports landscape. 

Under the leadership of President Andrea Balestrieri, ASD Sportlab continues to make significant contributions to the world of sports and physical fitness, garnering recognition for its positive impact on individuals and the community at large.


The ASD Sportlab, officially known as the Sportlab Sports Association, was established in 2002 with a clear mission: to foster and promote sporting activities within the community. In its early years, the organization was founded by a dedicated group of sports enthusiasts who shared a common goal of encouraging physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

During its formative years, ASD Sportlab primarily focused on organizing and participating in local and regional sporting events. These activities encompassed a diverse range of sports, including running races, cycling competitions, and other athletic contests. The association's commitment to hosting these events contributed to its growing reputation as a catalyst for physical fitness and community engagement.

Over time, ASD Sportlab's dedication to the world of sports led to significant milestones. One noteworthy development was its affiliation with Fidal, the Italian Athletics Federation, denoted by the PR540 code, which underscored the association's commitment to the sport of athletics. Additionally, ASD Sportlab registered with CONI, the Italian National Olympic Committee, under the code 266060. These affiliations marked the organization's elevation to the regional and national sports stage.

In 2016, ASD Sportlab embarked on a new venture by establishing the Sportlab Running Team. This initiative represented a pivotal step in the association's evolution, demonstrating a more active involvement in nurturing competitive athletes. The creation of the running team involved recruiting, training, and supporting athletes to participate in competitive races, thereby enhancing the association's presence in the competitive sports arena.

Throughout its history, ASD Sportlab remained dedicated to engaging with the local community. The organization continued to organize and participate in various sporting events, not only offering individuals opportunities to pursue their athletic passions but also contributing to the overall health and well-being of the community.

Leadership within the organization, under the guidance of President Andrea Balestrieri, played a crucial role in shaping its trajectory and ensuring its ongoing success. The association also welcomed new members over the years, expanding its reach and influence in the local sports landscape.


ASD Sportlab, also known as the Sportlab Sports Association, is guided by a clear and steadfast mission and vision that underscore its commitment to promoting sports and fostering a culture of physical activity and community engagement. These core principles shape the organization's purpose and direction.

The mission of ASD Sportlab is to inspire and facilitate active and healthy lifestyles through the promotion of sports and physical activities. We are dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals by providing opportunities to participate in sports and fostering a sense of belonging and well-being within our community.


Their vision is to be a leading force in the promotion of sports and physical fitness, recognized for our dedication to excellence and community impact. They aspire to create a society where every individual, regardless of age or background, can access the numerous benefits of sports and physical activity

Recognition and Awards
ASD Sportlab has garnered noteworthy awards and recognition for its exceptional contributions to the promotion of sports and active lifestyles. Through its dedication to organizing and participating in diverse sporting events, fostering athlete development, and actively engaging with the local community, ASD Sportlab has earned accolades for its positive impact on individuals' lives and its role in strengthening the fabric of the community. These awards and recognitions serve as a testament to the association's commitment to excellence in the realm of sports and underscore its status as a respected leader in the promotion of physical fitness and well-being.

Products and Services

ASD Sportlab provides a diverse array of products and services aimed at promoting sports, fostering athletic development, and enhancing community well-being. Here is a narrative description of these offerings:

Sporting Events and Competitions: ASD Sportlab takes pride in organizing and collaborating on various sporting events. These events serve as dynamic platforms for individuals to participate in sports and engage in healthy competition. Whether it's organizing running races, cycling competitions, marathons, or other athletic challenges, the association's events encourage active participation and community involvement.

Sportlab Running Team: Established in 2016, the Sportlab Running Team represents a significant commitment to nurturing competitive athletes. This initiative provides athletes with a supportive environment for their development. It may encompass coaching, training programs, access to specialized facilities, and opportunities to participate in regional and national running competitions.

Membership Services: ASD Sportlab extends membership opportunities to individuals eager to become a part of its vibrant sports community. Prospective members typically initiate their journey by submitting a membership request to the Board of Directors and fulfilling the membership fee requirements as outlined in the association's Statute. Membership often includes exclusive access to events and programs designed to foster a sense of belonging.

Community Engagement and Programs: In line with its community-centric ethos, ASD Sportlab actively engages with local residents through an assortment of programs and initiatives. These may encompass sports clinics, workshops, fitness classes, and other activities tailored to encourage people of all ages and abilities to embrace physical activities as part of their lifestyle.

Timing Activities: ASD Sportlab collaborates with SDAM to provide expert timing services for a wide range of sports competitions. This partnership ensures the precision and professionalism required for the recording and management of timing and results in various sporting events.

Affiliation with Fidal and CONI: The association's affiliation with Fidal (the Italian Athletics Federation) and its registration with CONI (the Italian National Olympic Committee) are vital contributions to the broader sports community. ASD Sportlab's participation in these organizations signifies its role in advancing the development and governance of sports at regional and national levels.

Health and Wellness Promotion: ASD Sportlab's initiatives are closely aligned with the promotion of health and wellness. The organization encourages individuals to adopt active lifestyles and offers numerous opportunities to enhance physical fitness and overall well-being.

Event Support Services: Beyond its own events, ASD Sportlab may extend its expertise in event management to other organizations or individuals looking to organize sports competitions or races. This can encompass logistical support, timing services, and valuable event management insights.

ASD Sportlab
Leadership team

Andrea Balestrieri (President)


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Products/ Services
Sportlab Running Team Membership Services Community Engagement and Programs Timing Activities Health and Wellness Promotion Event Support Services
Via F. Paciotto 6/A 43124 Alberi di Vigatto (PR)
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Private company limited by shares or Ltd
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500K - 2M
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