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ABC's membership reflects the diverse and interdisciplinary nature of the field of business communication. It attracts professionals from various disciplines, including management, marketing, English, speech communication, linguistics, and information sy
Association for Business Communication
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Judith Ainsworth (President )

Erika Darics (Vice President )

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The Association for Business Communication (ABC) is an organization that focuses on the field of business communication. It brings together professionals from a wide range of disciplines such as management, marketing, English, speech communication, linguistics, and information systems. The membership of ABC is highly interdisciplinary, reflecting the diverse nature of business communication. In addition to academics and researchers, ABC also includes communication consultants and other business practitioners. The organization has a strong and global membership base, with a significant presence in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Overall, ABC serves as a platform for professionals to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and advance the field of business communication.


The Association for Business Communication (ABC) has a rich history that spans several decades. It was established in 1935 as the National Association of Teachers of Business Writing (NATBW) with a primary focus on improving business writing instruction in the United States.

Over the years, NATBW evolved and expanded its scope to include other aspects of business communication beyond writing. In 1970, the association changed its name to the Association for Business Communication to reflect this broader perspective. The name change was accompanied by a shift in its mission to promote excellence in teaching, research, and practice of business communication.

As ABC grew, it attracted professionals from various fields and disciplines, recognizing the interdisciplinary nature of business communication. The organization became a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange among experts in management, marketing, English, speech communication, linguistics, information systems, and related areas.

Throughout its history, ABC has actively contributed to the advancement of business communication through conferences, publications, and networking opportunities. The association's annual conference provides a venue for scholars, educators, and practitioners to present research, share insights, and discuss the latest developments in the field.

ABC has also been instrumental in publishing scholarly journals, such as the Journal of Business Communication (JBC), which serves as a leading resource for research and scholarship in business communication. The organization's publications, including books and newsletters, have further enriched the knowledge base and provided valuable resources for professionals in the field.

With its strong commitment to professional development, ABC has established partnerships and collaborations with other organizations and institutions worldwide. This has allowed for a global exchange of ideas and perspectives, fostering international cooperation and understanding in the field of business communication.

Today, the Association for Business Communication continues to thrive as a dynamic and inclusive organization. It remains dedicated to promoting excellence in business communication education, research, and practice, while adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of professional communication in the business world.

Goals and Purpose

The Association for Business Communication (ABC) has several goals that drive its mission and activities. These goals encompass advancing the field of business communication, fostering professional development, and promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing among its members. Additionally, I will propose some potential initiatives that ABC could undertake to further these goals.

Advancing the Field of Business Communication:

  • Encouraging research: ABC can actively support and promote research in business communication by providing grants, scholarships, and funding opportunities for researchers. This will help generate new knowledge, innovative approaches, and best practices in the field.
  • Hosting specialized conferences: In addition to the annual conference, ABC could organize specialized conferences or symposiums focused on specific aspects of business communication, such as intercultural communication, digital communication, or crisis communication. This will provide targeted platforms for in-depth discussions and exchange of expertise.

Fostering Professional Development:

  • Professional certification: ABC can develop a certification program that recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a high level of competence in business communication. This certification can serve as a mark of distinction and expertise, enhancing professional credibility.
  • Workshops and training programs: ABC can organize workshops, webinars, and training sessions that cater to the professional development needs of its members. Topics can range from effective presentation skills and persuasive writing to leveraging technology for communication success.

Promoting Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing:

  • Online community platform: ABC could create an online community platform exclusively for its members. This platform would facilitate networking, discussions, and the sharing of resources, articles, and best practices in business communication.
  • Mentorship program: ABC can establish a mentorship program that pairs experienced professionals with emerging practitioners or students. This initiative would provide guidance, support, and opportunities for professional growth.
  • Collaborative research projects: ABC can encourage collaborative research projects among its members by fostering partnerships and providing resources. This would promote interdisciplinary approaches and cross-pollination of ideas within the field.


The Association for Business Communication (ABC) has had a significant impact on the field of business communication and its practitioners. Through its initiatives, resources, and collaborative efforts, ABC has contributed to the professional development, knowledge advancement, and overall growth of the field. Here are some key areas where ABC has made an impact:

Professional Development: ABC has played a crucial role in enhancing the professional development of business communication practitioners. By offering conferences, workshops, and training programs, ABC has provided opportunities for professionals to expand their skills, stay updated with the latest trends, and learn from experts in the field. These initiatives have helped individuals advance their careers and improve their effectiveness in communicating within various business contexts.

Research and Scholarship: ABC has fostered a culture of research and scholarship in business communication. Through its publications, such as the Journal of Business Communication (JBC), ABC has provided a platform for academics and researchers to share their findings, theories, and insights. This has contributed to the growth of knowledge and the development of evidence-based practices in business communication.

Networking and Collaboration: ABC has created a vibrant community of professionals in business communication. By organizing conferences, regional events, and online platforms, ABC has facilitated networking opportunities and collaboration among its members. This has led to the exchange of ideas, sharing of best practices, and the formation of valuable professional relationships. The networking aspect of ABC has resulted in enhanced collaboration and innovation within the field.

Global Reach: With a strong membership base in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, ABC has had a global impact on the field of business communication. By promoting international collaboration and partnerships, ABC has facilitated the sharing of diverse perspectives, cultural insights, and cross-cultural communication strategies. This has helped practitioners navigate the complexities of global business communication and fostered a more inclusive and global approach to the field.

Advocacy and Influence: ABC has been an advocate for the importance of effective business communication in various professional settings. Through its initiatives, publications, and engagement with policymakers, ABC has raised awareness about the value of strong communication skills and the impact they have on organizational success. By highlighting the significance of business communication, ABC has influenced the practices and policies of organizations worldwide, leading to improved communication strategies and outcomes.

Association for Business Communication
Leadership team

Judith Ainsworth (President )

Erika Darics (Vice President )

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