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AXA is one of the world's largest global insurers, driven by a purpose to act for human progress by protecting what matters. With a strong commitment to providing protection to individuals, businesses, and societies, AXA has established itself as a leader and innovator in the insurance industry.

The company's purpose is deeply rooted in its history and core values. From its inception, AXA has strived to be a force for collective good, actively engaging in initiatives that contribute to social progress. Whether through solidarity-based actions, research funding, or combating climate change, AXA embraces its responsibility as an insurer to take action and ensure better protection for its customers.

AXA's values, including Courage, Integrity, One AXA, and Customer First, are the guiding principles that shape the company's culture and drive its employees worldwide. These values emphasize the importance of putting customers at the forefront, fostering unity across the organization, and upholding integrity in all business endeavours.


Once a small mutual insurer in Normandy, AXA has come a long way to establish itself as a global leader in the insurance industry. Its journey began in the early 19th century when Ancienne Mutuelle de Rouen, a regional insurer specializing in property and casualty insurance, laid its foundation.

In the late 1950s, a young and ambitious Claude Bébéar joined the company as deputy director, bringing with him a vision of international expansion and long-term sustainability. With his leadership, the company weathered challenges posed by the creation of the French social security system and emerged stronger.

Bébéar's determination and strategic acumen led to significant milestones for the company. In 1975, he assumed the role of CEO, embarking on a transformative era for Ancienne Mutuelle. Under his guidance, the company underwent a name change to "Mutuelles Unies" and invested in a new headquarters, symbolizing its departure from a small provincial mutual insurer to a formidable player in the industry.

The 1980s and 1990s marked a period of rapid growth and international expansion for AXA. In 1982, the company acquired Drouot, securing a nationwide presence in France. Three years later, the name "AXA" was launched, representing the company across all languages. It was during this time that AXA embraced a unified identity, brought about by a seminal seminar held in the Ténéré Desert, where executives from different acquisitions came together to form a cohesive group.

With the acquisition of Compagnie du Midi and subsequent entry into the UK, Netherlands, and Germany, AXA solidified its position as a major global insurer. The 1990s witnessed the acquisition of Equitable in the United States, marking AXA's foray into the American market. The company's "Ambitions 2001" strategic plan aimed to make AXA the world's leading insurer by the turn of the millennium.

As the new millennium unfolded, AXA faced its share of challenges. However, under the leadership of Henri de Castries, who took over as CEO in 2000, the company demonstrated resilience. The acquisition of Winterthur in 2006 showcased AXA's expertise in integration, bolstering its presence in emerging markets.

The subprime financial crisis in 2007 posed a new test for AXA, but the company's robust risk management and commitment to its customers proved instrumental in weathering the storm. Throughout the decade, AXA remained dedicated to its long-term commitments, divesting coal industry assets, supporting research projects through the AXA Research Fund, and becoming an official partner of the COP21 climate change event.

In the 2010s, AXA adapted its strategy to align with a changing world. Under the leadership of Thomas Buberl and Denis Duverne, AXA embraced innovation and partnerships, positioning itself as a payer to partner. The acquisition of XL Group in 2018 further solidified AXA's position as the world's leading commercial property and casualty insurer.

Today, AXA continues to grow in priority segments, emphasizing health, protection, commercial property and casualty insurance. The company remains committed to addressing global challenges such as climate change and upholding its role as a responsible corporate citizen.

AXA's journey from a small regional insurer to a global leader is a testament to its visionary leadership, strategic acumen, and unwavering commitment to customers and society. As the company charts its path into the future, it remains poised to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the insurance industry while continuing to make a positive impact on the world.


AXA's mission is to be a leading global insurance and financial services provider that acts for human progress by protecting what matters. The company is dedicated to helping individuals, businesses, and societies thrive by offering comprehensive and innovative insurance solutions. AXA strives to understand and mitigate risks, providing a sense of security to its customers and enabling them to pursue their goals with confidence.

Through its commitment to acting as a force for collective good, AXA aims to make a positive impact on society. The company actively engages in initiatives that promote solidarity, support communities, address environmental challenges, and contribute to the fight against climate change. AXA's mission extends beyond its core business, emphasizing its responsibility as an insurer to take proactive measures for the betterment of society as a whole.

With a customer-centric approach, AXA prioritizes the needs and interests of its clients. The company's mission is to deliver exceptional service, build long-term relationships based on trust, and provide tailored solutions that meet the unique requirements of each individual and business they serve.


AXA's vision is to transform its value proposition "from payer to partner." This means delivering new services that complement traditional insurance coverage and building new business models to enhance the protection of their customers. The company aims to go beyond being a mere insurance provider and become a trusted partner that offers innovative solutions and tailored services to meet the evolving needs of individuals and businesses in a rapidly changing world.

AXA's purpose, values, and vision are shared by every employee throughout the organization. With a customer-centric approach, AXA strives to provide personalized services and solutions to its 108 million customers worldwide, ensuring their protection and well-being in an ever-changing landscape.

Key Team

George Stansfield (Group Chief Financial Officer)

Karima Silvent (Group Human Resources Director)

Gérald Harlin (Deputy CEO, Chief Financial Officer, and Strategy & Reinsurance Officer )

Joyce Phillips (CEO Global Health)

Mark Pearson (CEO Asia )

Gordon Watson (CEO Europe)

Guillaume Borie (CEO France)

Recognition and Awards
AXA was ranked as the #1 global insurance brand by Interbrand in 2020, highlighting its strong brand value and reputation worldwide. The company has been consistently listed among the Fortune Global 500 companies, which ranks the world's largest corporations by revenue. AXA has received recognition for its commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, including being named in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Products and Services

AXA offers a diverse range of products and services that cater to the insurance and financial needs of individuals, businesses, and organizations. With a global presence and a commitment to innovation, AXA strives to provide comprehensive coverage and solutions that address the evolving risks and challenges of the modern world. Here are some of the key products and services offered by AXA:

Personal Insurance:

Auto Insurance: Comprehensive coverage for personal vehicles, including protection against accidents, theft, and damage.
Home Insurance: Insurance plans that safeguard homes and personal belongings against risks such as fire, theft, natural disasters, and liability.
Health Insurance: Health coverage options that provide financial support for medical expenses, hospitalization, and preventive care.
Life Insurance: Protection for individuals and their families through life insurance policies that offer financial security, income protection, and legacy planning.

Business Insurance:

Property and Casualty Insurance: Comprehensive coverage for businesses, protecting their property, assets, and operations against risks such as fire, theft, liability, and business interruption.
Liability Insurance: Protection against legal claims and financial losses arising from third-party bodily injury, property damage, or professional errors and omissions.
Cyber Insurance: Coverage against cyber risks, including data breaches, cyberattacks, and the resulting financial losses and reputational damage.
Employee Benefits: Customized solutions for employee benefits programs, including group health insurance, retirement plans, and disability coverage.

Asset Management and Financial Services:

Investment Solutions: A wide range of investment products and services, including mutual funds, retirement plans, and wealth management strategies.
Retirement Planning: Retirement solutions are designed to help individuals and businesses save, invest, and plan for a financially secure future.
Wealth Management: Personalized wealth management services that encompass financial planning, estate planning, tax optimization, and investment advice.
Savings and Protection: Products and services that assist individuals in building savings, protecting their assets, and achieving financial goals.

Speciality Insurance:

Travel Insurance: Coverage for individuals and families travelling domestically or internationally, providing protection against travel-related risks and emergencies.
Art Insurance: Specialized insurance for art collectors, galleries, museums, and artists, protecting valuable artwork against damage, theft, and loss.
Marine Insurance: Insurance solutions for marine and shipping industries, covering vessels, cargo, and related liabilities.

Leadership team

Thomas Buberl (CEO )

Etienne Bouas-Laurent (Deputy CEO)

Astrid Stange (Group General Secretary)

Benoît Claveranne (CEO International and New Markets)

Alban de Mailly Nesle (Group Chief Risk Officer)


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