Ben Davenport

Ben Davenport Venture Partner at Blockchain Capital, and the co-founder of BitGo and Beluga.

Ben Davenport is CTO & co-founder of BitGo, a leading provider of infrastructure for Bitcoin and other digital assets. Previously, he co-founded Beluga, which was sold to Facebook and became Facebook Messenger. He has worked as an engineer at Microsoft and Google and is an active angel investor, having made early-stage investments in 60+ companies.

BitGo, founded in 2013, is a blockchain security platform that provides institutional-grade storage and wallet solutions for cryptocurrencies. The platform offers multi-signature wallets, advanced security features, and custodial services, catering to both individual investors and large financial institutions. BitGo has established itself as a trusted name in the crypto industry and has attracted significant investments.

Beluga, founded in 2011, was a mobile messaging app that gained attention for its secure and private communication features. The app gained popularity and was acquired by Facebook, where it became the foundation for the development of Facebook Messenger. Davenport's experience with Beluga showcases his entrepreneurial prowess and ability to create innovative solutions in the technology sector.

Prior to his ventures in the blockchain and technology space, Davenport held engineering and management roles at several notable companies, including VMware and Microsoft. His technical background and deep understanding of software development have played a vital role in shaping his career and guiding his entrepreneurial endeavors.

As a Venture Partner at Blockchain Capital, Davenport leverages his expertise to evaluate investment opportunities, provide strategic guidance to portfolio companies, and contribute to the overall growth and success of the firm. His involvement in the industry and track record of successful ventures make him a highly respected and influential figure in the cryptocurrency and blockchain community.



Starting his journey in the tech world, Ben's career began at Mercury Mail/InfoBeat, where he played a pivotal role in building the company's backend web and email infrastructure during his three-year tenure.

After his undergraduate studies, Ben pursued a Master's degree in Computer Science at the University of Washington, further enhancing his technical skills and knowledge. Following his graduation, he joined Microsoft, where he contributed to the development of Service Quality Monitoring (SQM) technology for MSN Explorer, which has since been incorporated into Office and Windows.

Ben's career then led him to Google, where he worked as a Software Engineer, focusing on backend engineering for Content Ads (AdSense). 

Continuing his journey, Ben joined Hudson River Trading, where he thrived as an Algorithm Developer, building models and algorithms for high-frequency trading in US and European equities. 

In 2010, Ben co-founded Beluga Inc., a cross-platform mobile group messaging solution. Within just two months, the innovative product gained over a million users, catching the attention of industry giants. Facebook acquired Beluga in March 2011, and the platform became the foundation for Facebook Messenger, serving billions of users worldwide.

Ben's entrepreneurial spirit and technical expertise further flourished when he became the Co-Founder and CEO of BitGo, Inc. in 2014. BitGo was established to address the secure storage challenges faced by companies using Bitcoin. Through its novel implementation of multi-signature technology and the BitGo API, BitGo provides secure wallet management, eliminating single points of failure and enforcing robust security policies. Over the years, BitGo expanded its support to a wide range of cryptocurrencies, handling over $10 billion in monthly transaction volume.

In addition to his notable roles in various ventures, Ben has also been an Advisor for SignalFire, offering strategic guidance and expertise. He served as a Venture Partner at Blockchain Capital LLC, contributing his insights and knowledge to support the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.


Ben Davenport envisions a future where technology is harnessed to solve complex problems and drive positive change. With a passion for innovation and a deep understanding of emerging markets, Ben strives to create solutions that empower individuals and organisations to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. He believes in the transformative power of secure storage, blockchain technology, and sustainable practices to shape a more inclusive and resilient world.

Ben's vision extends beyond technological advancements. He envisions a society where collaboration, transparency, and sustainable practices are the cornerstones of success. By leveraging his expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, Ben aims to foster ecosystems that enable the seamless integration of emerging technologies, drive financial inclusion, and promote environmental stewardship.

Recognition and Awards
With an extensive portfolio of companies, Ben has played a pivotal role in shaping and supporting innovative ventures. Ben has been involved in numerous notable portfolio companies, totalling an over 50. These companies span a wide range of industries and technologies, showcasing his diverse interests and expertise. Some of the prominent names in his portfolio include Lukka, RADAR, Nomics, Lightning Labs, Protocol Labs, Strattic, Culture Biosciences, Magic, Momentus, Mystery Science, and TextRecruit. Furthermore, Ben has a record of 16 successful exits.

Ben Davenport
Angel Investor, technology entrepreneur, algorithm developer, advisor
Known for
BitGo, Beluga (Co-founder),
Angel Investments (60+ portfolio companies, including Lukka, RADAR, Nomics, Lightning Labs, Protocol Labs, Strattic, Culture Biosciences, Magic, Momentus, Mystery Science, TextRecruit), 16 exits
Engineering (Computer Science, Princeton University), Master's Degree (Computer Science, University of Washington)
Social Media
Fri Feb 23 2024

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