A Global media company offering an all in solution that will help you to achieve your full potential and cultivate your business growth.


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BEYOUROWN is a global media company offering a comprehensive solution to unlock your full potential and foster business growth. Led by founder and CEO Samanah Duran, our mission is to elevate you both professionally and personally by providing the right knowledge, connections, tools, and resources.

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur seeking to launch your business or an SME owner aiming to optimize growth and increase profitability, BEYOUROWN has you covered. Since our inception in 2016, we've cultivated a community of 17,000 individuals, collaborated with experts across 167+ industry sectors, reached 40+ countries, and partnered with 2300 agencies and companies. Our commitment is to bring you insightful content and empower you on your journey to success.


2016 - Foundation and Launch:

Leadership by Samanah Duran:

  • Samanah Duran, the founder and CEO, has been at the forefront of BEYOUROWN's leadership. Her dedication to empowering individuals and fostering business success has been a driving force behind the company's initiatives.

Mission and Objectives:

  • From the beginning, BEYOUROWN has been dedicated to assisting individuals in reaching new levels of professional and personal success.
  • The company's goals include equipping its audience with knowledge, connections, tools, and resources necessary for personal and professional advancement.

Community Growth and Global Reach:

  • BEYOUROWN has experienced notable growth, amassing a community of 17,000 individuals since its launch.
  • The company has worked with experts from over 167 industry sectors, reaching audiences in more than 40 countries.

Strategic Partnerships:



BEYOUROWN is on a mission to empower individuals globally, both professionally and personally. Led by founder and CEO Samanah Duran, the company is dedicated to providing an all-encompassing solution that equips its audience with the knowledge, connections, tools, and resources necessary for achieving their full potential and fostering business growth. Through insightful content, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to community building, BEYOUROWN aims to be a catalyst for personal and entrepreneurial success on a global scale.


BEYOUROWN envisions a world where individuals, irrespective of their background, are empowered to reach new heights of success. The vision is to create a supportive community, offer valuable insights, and provide the tools and resources necessary for individuals to confidently navigate their entrepreneurial and personal journeys, realizing their fullest potential.

Products and Services

BEYOUROWN offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to empower individuals and support business growth:

Media Solutions: Providing a global media platform, BEYOUROWN delivers insightful content, including articles, podcasts, and interviews, covering a wide range of topics relevant to personal and professional development.

Community Building: BEYOUROWN fosters a community of like-minded individuals, creating a space for collaboration, networking, and shared experiences.

Knowledge and Resources: The company equips its audience with valuable knowledge, tools, and resources essential for entrepreneurial success, covering aspects from business launch to optimization.

Strategic Partnerships: BEYOUROWN collaborates with agencies and companies worldwide, facilitating strategic partnerships to enhance the reach and impact of its offerings.

BEYOUROWN Membership Club: The membership club provides a structured game plan for founders, offering support, connections, and opportunities to accelerate professional profiles and partnership collaborations.

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Samanah Duran (Founder)


Media and Communications

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Norwich, United Kingdom
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