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A next-generation blockchain based on bitcoin fork



BTCU Ultimatum is a next-gen blockchain based on a Bitcoin fork that combines the best ideas and achievements of the world of cryptocurrencies. A decentralised ecosystem with smart contracts, leasing and staking, a new UPoS consensus algorithm, private transactions, and other technologies based on BTCU. 

The BTCU Mainnet was launched on the 5th of February, 2021. Blockchains like the BTCUs have the potential to cover millions of hours of paperwork every year, hold public officials accountable through smart contracts, and provide transparency by recording public records of all activities. Blockchain-based voting could improve civic commitment by providing high levels of security and incorruptibility that can allow voting to be done on mobile devices. The BTCU Mainnet is built on a brand-new developed Orion Network. 

The Orion network has been created as the official platform for testing and evaluating the performance of the network and its ecosystem. Participants can check their BTCU accrual in explorer. This network also allows for downloaded wallets to work in test mode. The BTCU team is always looking to improve and will use the Orion network in order to get feedback from the community and to test the protocol, leasing, charges, master nodes, validators, etc. 

To sum it up, BTCU is an entire modern product that has been developed from scratch by carefully considering the limitations and outstanding characteristics of the two most popular cryptocurrencies. That is why the technology underlying it is better than others for mass adoption and has all the prospects of becoming truly global.


Eric Ma and Nikolai Udianskiy co-founded BTCU in late 2020 with a vision to create a comprehensive platform that compiles the key features of the Bitcoin blockchain and secures it with the power of smart contracts. 

On January 21, 2021, the company launched its closing testnet. This train enabled builders to check, create, or modify functionalities and monitor the BTCU blockchain community efficiency. It additionally helped present a goal and an unbiased view of the community to allow events and companies to understand and perceive the community’s capabilities. Building a new blockchain is a huge undertaking. It required a capable team of experts, leadership, a real-value proposition, and a strategic roadmap that was detailed, realistic, and followed-up upon. 

They successfully implemented the Bitcoin Fork and launched the BTCU Mainnet on February 5, 2021, and airdropped BTCU tokens the week after. Then in August 2021, the company launched its mobile wallets, accelerating toward its next milestone- atomic swaps.


Their mission is to enhance upon the unsustainable, power-consuming proof-of-work (PoW) consensus algorithm with a brand-new Ultimatum proof-of-stake (UPoS) consensus algorithm, making it extra democratic, scalable, environmentally friendly and sustainable.


With its imagination and prescience, BTCU aims to create a blockchain that’s environment-friendly, easy-to-use and has actual worth for widespread adoption. Bitcoin Ultimatum’s technological benefits will change in the best way the world sees blockchain.

Key Team

Nikolai Udianskiy (Co-Founder)

Eric Ma (CEO & Founder)

Recognition and Awards
Having worked in the crypto for years, each of the member of its founding team had brought a wealth of knowledge and passion to the project. BTCU acted as a platform to bring together the crypto acumen, unifying the independent ideas under an umbrella of a stable, holistic, and a decentralised crypto ecosystem and marketing them. The focus of the company has been to innovate and move forward as a unified creator. The architecture of Bitcoin Ultimatum is based on combining the best directions of blockchain technologies and achieving their optimal symbiosis. Leasing, smart contracts, private transactions and other leading blockchain solutions integrated together into a decentralised consensus UPoS algorithm form a stable and wide network for the entire blockchain community.

Bitcoin Ultimatum
Leadership team

Eric Ma (CEO & Founder)

Nikolai Udianskiy (Co-Founder )



Products/ Services
Leasing, smart contracts, private transactions, and other leading blockchain solutions
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