Bruce Jeong

Bruce Jeong is the Eurasia representative of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi.

Bruce Jeong is the ex-CEO and co-founder of TNC IT Group and deputy CEO of Fundshing.

Bruce led the TNC’s main business developments in the areas of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, being these their attempt to unite the crypto world through their M&A scheme, the launch of the online e-commerce platform and app Buyalladin, and, more recently, their upcoming smart crypto city project. Jeong is a solicitor, a chartered accountant, and the Korean representative of the International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (IDACB).

Over the course of the years, he has become a well-respected personality in the blockchain community and has been invited as a speaker to blockchain and crypto conferences all around the world. Bruce is also a regular contributor and author of Coin magazine and Crypto Press.


South Korean born, Bruce Jeong graduated from Curtin University and Macquarie University in law and accountancy. Bruce started his career in the financial industry in 2001 as a Senior Project Manager in a firm called Private Equity based in Australia. After 5 years of service, he joined the New York Consulting Group and served as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for 6 years. In 2014, Bruce joined the token company Fundshing, where he helped the company grow to support startups and consultancy services wherever these were needed.

In late 2018, Jeong co-founded TNC IT Group. A company that aims to unite the cryptocurrency world. Their major activities include investing both their resources and guidance on blockchain companies, integrating blockchain technology, finding global standard developers, and so on. TNC follows an M&A scheme to integrate other cryptocurrencies and help them grow thanks to their expertise and network.

In parallel, Bruce Jeong has become a well-respected personality in the blockchain community. As a prominent figure, he was invited to speak at many international events. He attended the Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference in December 2018 in the Philippines. He also went to the Finance World Expo in March 2019 in Switzerland and the APAC Blockchain Conference in May 2019 in Australia.

Bruce is currently the Eurasia representative of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi of a royal family office officially not an Advisor but a Board member and a Deputy CEO of the Eulogian Foundation.


Bruce Jeong strongly believes in “uniting the cryptocurrency world,” which is the summation of TNC’s vision. He and the rest of the organization aim to merge with and provide blockchain and security development to over 500+ blockchain companies, as well as to integrate blockchain technology globally. Bruce and his company are now exploring an innovative concept: smart crypto cities. As he recently said in an interview on intelligenthq:

“In one given smart crypto city, the government would choose one specific coin as means of exchange to use within the smart city ecosystem. This cryptocurrency can be used for everything: to buy and sell products, to pay bills and taxes, etc. And it will be allowed within the boundaries of the smart city. 

The widespread use of crypto is actually more transparent than cash because it can be traced and tracked more easily. That is the extra value in terms of using crypto rather than cash for the cities of the future.”

Recognition and Awards
• The Crypto Accelerator Fund with ICO/IEO/STO/ICCO • Writer Author in Coin magazine and Crypto Press • The Chief Board Advisor and Virtual Crypto Partner in EUCC in Europe. • The Chief Executive Board Member of Asia Blockchain Industry Association. • The Global Partner of BD Lawfirm in VN

Bruce Jeong
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Representative, deputy CEO
Law and Accountancy at Curtin University and Macquarie University
Social Media
Sun Feb 25 2024

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