Celine Lazorthes

The founder and CEO of Leetchi Group, which includes leetchi.com and MANGOPAY, Céline is deeply engaged in the startup community.

Celine Lazorthes, a visionary entrepreneur, has revolutionized online money management through her business empire, Leetchi Group. Comprised of Leetchi.com and MANGOPAY, she strongly believes in the potential of technology to create positive changes. Celine has co-founded SISTA, an NGO that aims to close the funding gap for female entrepreneurs. As a board member of notable companies and a popular speaker at international conferences, Celine's vision for the future of business includes innovation, diversity, and social responsibility. She shows that businesses can be a driving force for good in society.




Celine Lazorthes is a well-known figure in the French start-up scene, having founded Leetchi Group, which was later acquired by Credit Mutuel Arkea in September 2015. Leetchi Group comprises Leetchi.com, the European leading online money pot with over 14 million users, and MANGOPAY, a disruptive B2B payment solution that is dedicated to marketplaces, crowdfunding, and the sharing economy, with over 3,000 clients.

Deeply engaged in the start-up community, Celine is a founding member of France Digitale and France FinTech. She recently co-founded SISTA, an NGO dedicated to reducing the funding gap that women face when fundraising for their companies. She also sits on the board of SNCF, Iliad (Free), 1o1 Fund, and the think-tank Generation Libre.

Celine is a regular speaker on topics such as sharing economy, crowdfunding, and FinTech. She has spoken at numerous high-profile conferences, including the Noah Conference (London, 2016), TedX (Marseille, 2016), Hub conference (Berlin, 2016), Wired Money (London, 2015), and Vivatech (Paris, 2018).

In addition to her work as an entrepreneur and speaker, Celine is also an active business angel and has invested in over 40 companies, including Jimmy Fairly, Talent.io, Frichti, Le Slip Français, Tacotax, Pumpkin (which was also acquired by CM Arkea), Tiller Systems, Yuka, Ivesta, Welcome to the Jungle, and Dejbox.

Celine's passion for entrepreneurship and her dedication to empowering women in the start-up community have earned her numerous accolades and recognition. She was named as one of the Top 100 Most Influential French Women in Business by Forbes in 2016 and received the Woman of the Year award at the Trophées des Femmes de l'Economie in 2017. With her innovative ideas and commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, Celine Lazorthes continues to be a driving force in the world of entrepreneurship.


Celine Lazorthes is a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for disrupting traditional financial systems and empowering individuals and businesses with innovative financial solutions. Her vision is to make financial services more accessible, transparent, and user-friendly for everyone, and to promote financial inclusion and equality.


Recognition and Awards
Most Innovative person of the yearMost Innovative person of the year Issued by Les napoléons-Jan 2016 Business StarBusiness Star Issued by Melty Awards · Jan 2014

Celine Lazorthes
Founder & CEO of Leetchi Group
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